While Canadians Struggle, The Trudeau Government Lectures Other Countries On Foreign Aid

One of the most widely held common sense ideas is to take care of your own first.

It’s good advice in our own lives when it comes to family and friends, and it’s good advice in foreign policy as well.

If that kind of common sense wisdom was applied throughout the world we would have far fewer problems. The obsession with intervening in other countries and giving money away to “solve” every problem often leads to even more serious problems, while our own people and our own country suffers.

With that in mind it’s concerning to see how far the Trudeau government is going in the opposite direction. Instead of dealing with the many problems facing Canadians, the government is spending time lecturing other countries to give more of their taxpayers money away as foreign aid.

As reported by the CP, “International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says she will try to persuade her counterpart in the Trump administration not to slash billions in foreign aid as the president has proposed. Bibeau she will make the case for continued spending, including for family planning and abortion, when the new head of the U.S. Agency for International Development is finally hired.”

Bibeau is currently at the “International Family Planning Summit,” where the Trudeau government has announced $650 million in foreign aid spending for family planning in foreign countries.

It’s not the governments money

Not only should the government be spending taxpayer money in Canada, not foreign countries, but why do we accept their right to take that money from us in the first place?

If Canadians choose to give privately to foreign causes that’s fine. But that should be a choice. It simply makes no sense for us to be forced to give our money to the Canadian government, and then have that money be spent on people who aren’t Canadian.

And why, of all the serious human rights abuses worldwide, is the Trudeau government lecturing the United States, instead of critiquing China, Saudi Arabia, or many other countries?

Aside from the fact that foreign aid doesn’t work, it is simply wrong for money to be sent outside of Canada when we have our own serious problems here at home. Poverty, massively high suicide rates, lack of infrastructure, crime, and third-world living conditions are all a reality in parts of our own country. That should be the focus of the government, not giving our money away and lecturing our allies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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