REVERSAL: Trudeau Takes Break From Foreign Travels, Will Attend Calgary Stampede

Did he remember that he’s not “Prime Minister of the world”?

In between his globetrotting adventures, Justin Trudeau will make a short stop back in the country he is supposed to be serving.

Reversing a previous plan that would have had him skip the Calgary Stampede and attend a dinner with U.S. Governors, Trudeau’s spokesman Cameron Ahmad now says Trudeau will attend after all.

“The Prime Minister is happy to be spending time in Calgary on Saturday following the National Governors Association conference in Rhode Island, and he is looking forward to celebrating Stampede alongside Albertans, as he has done for years,” said Ahmad.

Trudeau’s reversal comes after he received an intense backlash for his Canada Day speech where he listed every Canadian province and territory – except for Alberta.

Harmful policies

Beyond his insults to Alberta, Trudeau is pushing policies that hurt the Canadian energy industry. His push for a carbon tax – eagerly supported by the failed Alberta NDP government – his increase in job-killing regulations, his incoherent approach to pipeline projects, and his willingness to put UN approval ahead of Canadian workers, have all harmed Canada’s energy industry, and Alberta in particular.

So, while Trudeau may have decided to attend the Calgary Stampede because he remembered he’s actually supposed to spend time in Canada once in a while, unless he reverses his economically destructive policies he will continue to show that he has nothing but contempt for Alberta, and all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando


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And at the Canada Day parade, he praised alla. I couldn’t believe my ears. What a traitor!!!


dont care if he changed his mind ….his fate is OUT …….nothing he can do will redeem him


when he commits treason , we do NOT all pay …..he pays


Booing him would be a reality check.


Most Albertans reacted to the Canada Day forgetfulness like water of a ducks back. Just anither day in Alberta… His settlement to Omar put him in a treasonous light however and I would think he isnt welcome anywhere now!

Paul Forseth

He has a thin Cabinet, and his leadership is even thinner, concerning defending Canada, and average Canadians best interest… the ones who don’t say much but just pay all Trudeau’s bills.