CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Group Charges $10,000 For Access To Trudeau Government

More cash-for-access in Trudeau’s Ottawa.

A group called the Council of Canadian Innovators has been offering access to a high-level member of the Trudeau government.

There’s only one small problem:

They’re charging $10,000 for that access.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the group is run by Benjamin Bergen, who was an executive assistant to Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland before she was in government.

All of that was revealed in a Globe & Mail report that raises further questions about how deep the cash-for-access system goes in Trudeau’s Ottawa.

Here’s what the report says was offered in return for the $10,000:

“Cleantech CEOs who are part of CCI participate in: monthly meetings with the Chief of Staff to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change,” the letter states. The council also promises that members would participate in regular working groups with federal public servants and “internal planning discussions regarding the federal government’s $950-million Innovation Clusters program.”

So, while us regular Canadians can’t get access to those at the top of the government, if you’re a top CEO you get to skip right to front of the line and influence the government.



As Pierre Poilievre told the Globe & Mail, this is more sleaze from the Trudeau government. “This sort of sleazy, cash-for-access influence-buying is an unavoidable consequence of government interference in the free enterprise system,” said Poilievre. “The government is pouring billions of dollars into highly-complex corporate welfare schemes, and as soon as that happens, businesses are prepared to invest in the political access to get their hands on that money.”

Perks for the powerful

Once again, we see that the government is taking our tax money and giving it directly to businesses, instead of seeking to create a better environment for businesses to succeed. There is an important difference between the two, as one involves giving taxpayer dollars to people who are already wealthy, while the other involves reducing regulations and restrictions to enable true competition.

While past governments have engaged in corporate welfare – despite promises to end it – Trudeau has taken it to a new level, especially with his globalist “environmentalism.”

There’s a reason big corporations love “climate change” policy so much, since it results in them getting access to a huge pile of taxpayer money – all of it paid for at our expense.

And while the Trudeau government is officially distancing themselves from the $10,000 cash-for-access offer, they only commented on it once the Globe & Mail report was released, so who knows what was really happening behind the scenes before the truth was revealed.

Take the government back from the culture of corruption

We must continue spreading the truth to Canadians, and we must build momentum to take our government back from the culture of corruption Trudeau has created. Every day brings more evidence that Trudeau and his government work only for the elites, and could care less about the Canadian people. Any government that forgets who they are supposed to be serving must be decisively defeated, before their corruption is normalized and the people lose what little influence we have left.

Spencer Fernando


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