REPORT: Lobbyists Still Attending Trudeau’s Cash-For-Access Fundraisers, Despite “Ban”

Trudeau Liberals even tried changing the name of an attendee after a fundraiser occurred.

After the Trudeau government began taking heat for cash-for-access fundraisers where foreign billionaires got privileged access to Prime Minister, the government promised big “changes.”

Those changes were supposed to make the fundraisers open and accessible – including giving reporters a chance to attend and cover what was happening.

Of course, we now know that Trudeau’s people were caught kicking reporters out of one of the fundraisers. It was yet another broken promise from a government defined by endless dishonesty.

Now, yet another bit of info has emerged.

According to a report by Global, individuals registered to lobby Trudeau are still attending his cash-for-access events, despite the fact that the government promised to ban that from taking place.

As the report notes, “The Liberals promised to boot anyone registered to lobby Prime Minster Justin Trudeau from his fundraising events – which have been roundly criticized for providing special access to Trudeau and other ministers for anyone willing to pay – but some are still making it into the “cash-for-access” events.”

In one case, the Trudeau Liberals even tried changing the name of an attendee who was a registered lobbyist, replacing the name “Antoine Boujold” with “Cindy Boujold.”

Nice try.

More contempt for the truth and Canadians

This latest revelation of Trudeau cash-for-access goes to show that the Trudeau government wants credit for making changes – without actually making the changes. They think that just saying “openness and transparency” is enough, instead of actually being open and transparent in reality.

By watching their actions, rather than their words, we can see that the Trudeau government has contempt for the truth, and contempt for the Canadian people. They are in power to serve the out-of-touch and corrupt elites, and their entire communications strategy is designed to deflect from that disturbing truth.

Spencer Fernando


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