U.K. Government Hides Jihadist-Funding Report That Could Implicate Saudi Arabia

What will it take for the West to realize that Saudi Arabia is not our ally?

A report into the financing behind Islamist terrorists is being hidden from the public by the U.K. government – citing “security concerns.”

However, many believe the real reason the report is being hidden is because it would implicate Saudi Arabia as a key funder of Jihadists.

Questionable excuse

The U.K. government says a full release of the report’s findings is being blocked because it could contain “personal information” and other “national security” reasons. Of course, many have pointed out that it would be easy to release the report while redacting any names that could put individuals at risk.

After all, listing the countries that fund terrorism and showing the names of certain individuals are totally different things.

Saudi Arabia suspicions

As reported in the Guardian, the U.K. shadow home secretary (equivalent to the opposition critic for public safety) directly mentioned Saudi Arabia in her criticism of the refusal to release the report:

“Of course, security intelligence should not be compromised but this is easily achieved by redaction and other means. The government would never have commissioned this report if it considered this problem insurmountable. Instead, there is a strong suspicion this report is being suppressed to protect this government’s trade and diplomatic priorities, including in relation to Saudi Arabia. The only way to allay those suspicions is to publish the report in full.”

Of note, one part of the report that was released said, overseas backing helped some individuals study at institutions “that teach deeply conservative forms of Islam and provide highly socially conservative literature and preachers to the UK’s Islamic institutions”, adding: “Some of these individuals have since become of extremist concern.”

It is widely known that Saudi Arabia provides immense amounts of money to such institutions around the world – including here in Canada. Yet, the part of the report that may have made such a link was blocked from public view.

Who does the U.K. government work for?

It is disgraceful for the U.K. government to be hiding the conclusions of the Jihadist funding report from the public. If they are putting ties to Saudi Arabia ahead of the public’s right to know who is providing funding that could be contributing to the murder of U.K. citizens, then the question must be asked: Who does the U.K. government really work for?

Saudi Arabia isn’t supposed to get a vote in the U.K., and they aren’t supposed to be influencing what the U.K. government does, yet it seems that’s exactly what’s happening.

Saudi Arabia is not an ally of the West

In much of the Western world – including Canada and the United States – there is a sickening willingness to bow down before Saudi Arabia on the part of our so-called “leaders.” This is despite the fact that Saudi Arabia – a country that brutally oppresses women, gay people, and religious minorities – is one of the most despised countries by Western citizens.

Our leaders and the corrupt elites have sold their souls for a bit more profit from Saudi Arabia – even as that country funds a radical Islamist ideology that puts us all at risk.

We must keep calling our leaders out for their disgusting hypocrisy, and we must end the ridiculous and disgraceful subservience to Saudi interests.

Enough is enough. The West must realize that Saudi Arabia is not our ally.

Spencer Fernando


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