INSANITY: Meeting “Climate Goals” Would Destroy Our Standard Of Living

A new study by the University of British Columbia exposes the total dishonesty of the “climate goals” being pushed by the corrupt globalist elites.

The study shows that meeting the goals set by our so-called “leaders” would require destroying our standard of living, and would involve sacrifices that almost nobody would ever willingly make.

As reported by the National Post, the study was conducted by Seth Wynes – a PhD student at UBC, and Kimberly Nicholas, a Professor at Lund University in Sweden.

The report details the ways for individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contrasts them with what we are usually told. Here are some of the terrible suggestions the study says are necessary:

  • Have one less child
  • Get rid of your car
  • Stop eating meat
  • Avoid a transatlantic flight

For almost all of us, at least a few of those suggestions are totally unacceptable. But that’s not even the biggest problem here. Those drastic changes wouldn’t even get us close to where the study says we would need to be to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement (keeping global average temperature increase below 2C by 2050).

Here’s where it gets insane:

The study says that meeting those goals would require every individual “capping their CO2 output at 2.1 tonnes a year.” Yet, the average Canadian produces 13.5 tonnes a year.

So, achieving the Paris Agreement goal would by necessity require the wholesale destruction of our way of life and standard of living.

The study makes clear that textbooks teaching children about “climate change” are not telling the whole story. As noted in the National Post,

“One textbook claimed that “making a difference doesn’t have to be difficult” and suggested swapping reusable shopping bags for plastic ones to save five kg of CO2 emissions a year. “This is less than one per cent as effective as a year without eating meat,” the study reads. “Examples like this create the impression that the issue of climate change itself is trivial in nature.”’

It’s no surprise that polls often show support for “addressing climate change,” because the true cost of doing so has been hidden. And while I’m sure the survey was conducted by people who want to see massive centralized government action to “fight climate change,” they have inadvertently revealed how unrealistic and economically destructive that action would be.

Agenda of the global elites exposed

Of course, we all know that the global elites will never make these massive sacrifices themselves. They’ll keep acting like all the hypocritical celebrity “climate change” heroes, who jet around the world and live in massive mansions while lecturing the rest of us about the environment.

We can now see that our politicians are pushing policies (carbon taxes, increased regulation), that are explicitly designed to achieve the insane goals mentioned above. Higher taxes on energy and everything else makes it tougher for people to afford children, afford cars, afford homes, which results in a weaker economy, and fewer large families.

Yet, at the same time, we are told to open our borders to the world “because we don’t have enough people being born.” The clear goal of the elites is to “equalize” wealth around the world by making the citizens of developed countries poorer and reducing the birth rates of our citizens to rock-bottom levels.

Common-Sense is needed

The elites are actively working to destroy our standard of living, and we must stop that from happening. We will not meet any “climate goals” through giving up our way of life. Instead, we must move beyond the centralized control of the globalists and get back to common-sense. That means lowering taxes, decentralizing power, putting control back in the hands of local communities, and allowing real innovation to take place. The only path towards solving problems will come from the innovation and advancement that can only take place in societies where individuals are empowered – not the stifling and ever-expanding top-down globalist bureaucracy.

We can’t let a select group of politicians, bankers, and corporate leaders destroy our way of life. We must take back control over our government and our economy, and we must start by telling the truth about the global elites and their truly destructive agenda.

Spencer Fernando


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