TERRIBLE: Toronto Judge Sides With Khadr, Rejects Freeze Of Assets

Tabitha Speer’s request for an injunction dismissed.

As I reported yesterday, Omar Khadr has been shamefully fighting against an effort by Tabitha Speer to freeze his assets – which could have preserved her chance to get the $10.5 million Khadr was given by Justin Trudeau.

Now, a Toronto judge has sided with Omar Khadr and has dismissed Speer’s request for an injunction which could have frozen his assets – including the $10.5 million payment.

Speer is seeking to have a $134 million (USD) judgement against Khadr enforced.

Unfortunately, by dismissing Speer’s effort to block the payment, it is now very unlikely that she will see any of the money.

Consequence of Trudeau decision

Had Justin Trudeau ordered the government to keep fighting in court, Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris would have had more time to challenge Khadr in court.

Yet, instead of doing the right thing, Trudeau decided to shadily give Khadr the money as secretly as possible, which has severely hurt any possible legal effort by Speer and Morris.

Today’s ruling by the judge is a direct consequence of how the Trudeau government disgracefully acted in the interests of Omar Khadr, instead of acting in the interests of justice and basic decency.

Spencer Fernando

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A TORONTO judge!
Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Toronto is a haven of far leftist supporters. Toronto is globalist to the max. There is no common decency in the Liberal party nor, of course, in Khadr’s veins.
This kind of sleazy behaviour on the part of Trudeau is certainly not something we’ve never seen before. AND, we may rest assured, we WILL see many times over.
Trudeau has NO CONCERN for our great neighbours to the south. After all, he’s a wannabee Communist and his ideals are foreign to Canadians and Americans.

alan skelhorne

typical of king socks. its only going to get worse here in canada, trudope ruining the country.


Everything about trudeau and our ” justice system ” is a disgrace.