Trudeau Gave $20 MILLION In Taxpayer Money To The Clinton Foundation

At the Family Planning Summit, the Trudeau government has announced $241.5 million in foreign aid – all funded by Canadian taxpayers.

$20 million of that funding is going to the Clinton Foundation.

This is raising doubts among many people, who are questioning why the government would be giving our money to the Clinton Foundation considering how politically divisive it has become, and considering the massive fees charged by both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.

As pointed out by the Toronto Sun, Bill Clinton has reportedly made $26 million in speaking fees from Clinton Foundation Donors. Additionally, “While Hillary was Secretary of State, the Clinton foundation received millions from rich and powerful donors, including foreign governments – many of whom were seeking favorable decisions from the U.S. State Department.”

I’ve been clear on where I stand on foreign aid. As nice and important as each individual cause may seem, I don’t think any money taken from taxpayers should be going towards foreign aid. It should be a private decision made by individual Canadians and private organizations, not a decision forced upon us through our taxes being extracted from us.

With that said, there are certainly better places to give money than the Clinton Foundation. Their connections to globalist banks like Goldman Sachs, brutal regimes such as Saudi Arabia, and of course the exorbitant speaking fees, are all reasons it’s a big mistake to give any of our taxpayer money to the Foundation.

With all of that in mind, it’s not a surprise to see Trudeau give the Clinton Foundation so much of our hard-earned money. Trudeau and the Clinton’s are members of the globalist elite, and the elites never miss a chance to enrich each other – especially with money taken by taxpaying citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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