Trudeau Gave $20 MILLION In Taxpayer Money To The Clinton Foundation

At the Family Planning Summit, the Trudeau government has announced $241.5 million in foreign aid – all funded by Canadian taxpayers.

$20 million of that funding is going to the Clinton Foundation.

This is raising doubts among many people, who are questioning why the government would be giving our money to the Clinton Foundation considering how politically divisive it has become, and considering the massive fees charged by both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.

As pointed out by the Toronto Sun, Bill Clinton has reportedly made $26 million in speaking fees from Clinton Foundation Donors. Additionally, “While Hillary was Secretary of State, the Clinton foundation received millions from rich and powerful donors, including foreign governments – many of whom were seeking favorable decisions from the U.S. State Department.”

I’ve been clear on where I stand on foreign aid. As nice and important as each individual cause may seem, I don’t think any money taken from taxpayers should be going towards foreign aid. It should be a private decision made by individual Canadians and private organizations, not a decision forced upon us through our taxes being extracted from us.

With that said, there are certainly better places to give money than the Clinton Foundation. Their connections to globalist banks like Goldman Sachs, brutal regimes such as Saudi Arabia, and of course the exorbitant speaking fees, are all reasons it’s a big mistake to give any of our taxpayer money to the Foundation.

With all of that in mind, it’s not a surprise to see Trudeau give the Clinton Foundation so much of our hard-earned money. Trudeau and the Clinton’s are members of the globalist elite, and the elites never miss a chance to enrich each other – especially with money taken by taxpaying citizens.

Spencer Fernando

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Bringing immigrants to Canada is a huge foreign aid contribution and to further send funds outside of Canada with no return on investments is more than this country is able to do. Considering that all those funds are borrowed, it makes this decision foolish and irresponsible. Someone mentioned earlier this week that Foreign Aid is taking money from poor people of rich nation to give to rich people of poor nation.A quote from Ron Paul. This will never cease to be true. Redistribution from the poor to the rich. Totally insane. Haiti is a perfect example.


Haiti did not see much of the money and the little that made it went to the corrupt government. People still suffering as a result. Where is the full investigation. Powerful people controlling our future and not in a good way.

Dave Martin

Tell us from what country your ancestors emigrated and do you think you are better off as a result


And who cornered the market on Foreign Aid to Haiti? ….the Clinton Foundation, of course!


When is Canada going to receive foreign aid?

Paul Latourelle

The same day the U.S. does.

Ted Tilden

We get foreign aid all the time Whi do you think owns the companies in the oil patch


so if the money went as a donation to the Clinton foundation does that mean we Canadians will get a tax receipt to claim on our taxes


Claim the $7.50 on your taxes and if the CRA asks for proof, tell them to get it from Trudeau because he failed to send a personal receipt.

Why does Trudeau support a criminal organization?

Ana Gomes

Why? Corruption is its name, and charities are the game. Or vice-versa. Since Wonder Fool has aspirations as a snake oil speaker, and the Clintons make their fortune charging charities and their administrations for useless speeches, Trudeau boy learned the lesson: they will provide for him what he provides for them…And all without spending a penny of their own. We will pay for these indulgences…What a trio!!! We have to take charities from the hands of all politicos and their families.Make it unlawful ,and give directly to the causes you think are legitimate. Do you think your Government is more… Read more »


Exactly, I wondered if he was paying for the last election or the next one? I read he really gave them a lot more, many of the other groups with different names are really controlled by the Clinton Foundation. Did the Clintons give to the Trudeau Foundation? How much? It’s all tax free money circulating from one Foundation to another.

David Cameron

Because he’s an ignorant arrogant clown


he is a sick man he only think about himself he is a clown

Ted Tilden

Bigger question is – why did Harper give charitable status to the CF so that if you give to them you get a Canadian tax receipt


Harper’s arrangement allows me to decide to whom and when I give MY money. and I get receipts to help on MY taxes. ( Sorry, Bill, your CF is not on my donations list ). Trudeau’s gift of my money to others is the Liberal approach where they get all the perks in return and we have nothing to show for it and no thank-you’s to go around.


Could it be he does because he heads one?


I think you be gettin’ some youranium

Ruth Walker

If you donate money to the CF you can deduct it on your tax return Everybody knows that

Dave M

09/29/91 Brian Mulroney on Canadian, U.S. roles in new world order “We favor re-thinking the limits of national sovereignty in a world where problems respect no borders,” Mulroney, wearing an academic robe, said before about 7,000 people in Frost Amphitheater. “The burden of building a new world order is too great to be borne by any one country, even a country as powerful and principled as the United States of America; it’s a burden that must be shared by all industrialized nations, and I tell you today, Canada will fulfill every single one of its obligations.”


What his old man didn’t destroy the little drama coach will finish off — good-bye to the Canada we knew and loved. It’s being destroyed by a totally clueless narcissist.
My heart weeps for my grand-kids …


I feel the same way. In fact, I can’t read Canadian news, expect Spencerfernando………..breaks my heart.

Denyse T Racine

Len, I feel the exact same way when I think that my grandchildren will never know the Canada we knew and loved …

Janet Beedle

Mine too!



Les Adrian

Records indicate that 90% of the Clinton Foundation money goes for “administration costs”. Meaning, Bill and Hillary pocket the money – oh wait, Chelsea earns $90,000/yr as a part time employee. $241 million spent to try and convince boys that they are girls and girls that they are boys. Our kids are going to be so screwed up you may as well name them Trudeau. Not only is Trudeau an embarassment, he is truly dangerous to the Canadian economy and our future.

David Cameron

But at least Chelsea makes great speeches about Diaherra in Africa


Hopefully the Clinton cartel will be taken care of soon!



Maie Gunn

What is he thinking? The Clinton Foundation is the most corrupted foundation of all. What is wrong with this man and how does he pass these decisions is it with the help of his administration and don’t the Conservatives have any say in all of this ??

alan skelhorne

they the conservatives have no say in anything anymore, like he has says from the beginning, i will do what i want, and when i want, because there is no one who can stop him. he is proving that everyday. i rest my case.

Bob Johnson

Stephen Harper on more than one occasion gave $8 million to the RNC in support of Obama haters

alan skelhorne

8million compared to 20 million bob johnson is a huge difference, i don,t think i remember pm harper giving 10.5 million, apparently its much higher, its hidden away. so now there is a difference of 22 million, and you were saying. really bob johnson, you condone this from the part time actor. no wonder, canada is in trouble.

Bob Johnston

Harper gave our taxpayer money to the Republicans in 2013 and 2014 $ 8 million each year and paid Mahar Arar $ 11.5 million in 2007 Harper spent $750 million on a Canada Works advertising program that bore no tangible public works.. but wait I almost forgot– in addition Tony Clement got $50 million for a Gazebo .. then there was the cost of a fake lake not included above Harper added $150 billion to Canadas debt and had 7 deficits after inheriting a surplus from the Libs and then cooked the books on 2015 to produce a contrived surplus… Read more »



Nabi Rasch

What’s the problem with hating Barry?. Look where his insane ‘legacy’ has left us?

Ana Gomes

Trudy would be embarrassed to give only 8 millions.That hardly covers the cost of the pop-corn! when you give away somebodyelse’s money, be generous !Show that you are an elitist big Spender.

Kerry Clark

Trudeau is not only “On Board” with the NWO, he is completely DEDICATED to it! He sees it as the only way to attain dictatorship over us and, in reality, it will very likely lead to a civil war! The West has had enough of this and the rumblings are getting louder!

Evelyn Oliphant

Definately, the West has had enough of this bs. It is time for the west to separate!!!

David Cameron

The only reason Justin gives money to the Clinton foundation is because he’s a moron.


Exactly, I wondered if he was paying for the last election or the next one? I read he really gave them a lot more, many of the other groups with different names are really controlled by the Clinton Foundation. Did the Clintons give to the Trudeau Foundation? How much? It’s all tax free money circulating from one Foundation to another.
There is more to it. Yes he is a moron but that isn’t the only reason.

Ana Gomes

Follow the money!

[…] Trudeau Gave $20 MILLION In Canadian Taxpayer Money To The Clinton Foundation in July! Repayment for WHAT? #maga???… […]

Notme Nam

Ohhhh Justin’s going to be in big trouble for this. Watch Jason Goodman on YouTube talk about the Clinton foundation and those that donated are in big trouble. Biggest mass foundation corruption IN HISTORY!!

Sandra Francis

I’d love to know who approves all this money that Trudno pays all these different recipients. S. Francis

Mark of a Champion

Canadians are letting him do everything he wants. Not decisive, not organized and not loud. He won’t stop and Canadians won’t start. So, enjoy your chilly grave in Sheepland.

R Butchart

This is the biggest A-hole PM this country ever had. I hope there are people out there who are sorry they voted for him. Lets vote him out next election.

Susan Richard

I did not realize our prime minister gave money to C. Foundation…this is terrible , but now I read our former prime minister gave away taxpayer’s money unwisely ( which I will research) …our leaders are not responsible with our money.

Abu Nudnik

Never mind all that. The Clinton Foundation is a Money Laundry! You buy favors from them and the pay-for-play money gets laundered here! It’s straight up racketeering!


he has a plan for the Canadian people with doing all these stupid actions, he will break this country so bad the Canadian people will be so poor that he will follow his Idols of the leaders in communist countries Canada will be under his dictator dreams his father had and that to change Canada a communist Country and it’s happening very rapidly, why are Canadian people sitting on their asses and watching it happen and just complaining about it Get off your asses and save your countrry get rid of this moron before its all carried out


Could it be that the 20 million Trudeau gave the Clinton Foundation was payment for their interference in our election ensuring Trudeau the win? Apparently there is an ongoing investigation regarding our election over allegations of cheating. Also, why did the Clintons come to Quebec, Canada to collect this money? Could it be that their foundation is under investigation and bringing 20 million back to the USA would risk more scrutiny and possible loss of the money. There is definitely cause for further investigation and the Trudeau foundation should also be investigated for pay to play!


How is it that Trudeau gave this money on or about July 13, 2017 and then the Clinton Foundation closed it’s NY office doors on July 17, 2017. Doesn’t anyone in the Liberal government vet to see if money given to organizations is a good investment? And if their office in Little Rock goes down, then where does the Canadian’s tax payer donation go? Down the Drain! The Clinton Foundation has been under investigation by the FBI since 2016, as being a slush fund organization. Recently their offices in Little Rock have been visited by the FBI and all the… Read more »

D. Briggs

Trudeau doesn’t have diligence, but he is crafty and will bankrupt Canada if we allow him!!


Trudeau gives away millions but cuts our services and raising our taxes. Clinton foundation is a front for laundering money. Trudeau having ties which Clinton and Obama and both supporting the globalist agenda for a world government. How do we fight against such large money and keep our country safe when the leadership is so corrupt.

J Sampson

The amount JT govt gave in foreign aid each year has been just under the $5.6 BILLION That Harper gave EVERY year. Multiply by 10 years in office and you know what Harper gave.

Gary major

No more donations to foundations plus no more foreign aid Canada needs this money HERE!


To quote the young Swedish Messiah of the Left…….”How dare you!”