China Minsheng Investment Group To Buy Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain Resorts

The ongoing sale of Canada to China continues.

While the latest example of China buying a Canadian company isn’t quite as serious as ITF Technologies or Norsat, the sale of Grouse Mountain Resorts to China Minsheng Investment Group continues a concerning ongoing trend.

The sale was first reported by Global News.

One by one, piece by piece, our country is being bought up by companies linked to the Communist Chinese government. It is essential to note that there is no real separation between a company based in China and the Chinese state itself. Any company in China can be easily taken over by the government, and they often already operate as government-dominated entities.

At some point our country must ask ourselves how much of our nation we are willing to let China own, and whether the time has come to start imposing tough restrictions on who can buy Canadian companies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Also, the Japanese Co Nippon Cable is part owner/operator of Whister/Blacombe BC.


If we had a government with any sense at all, there would be no sales of Canadian companies … period.
This is CANADA … and it should be owned by Canadians … no exceptions!
That includes companies, land, oil … anything and everything.
This isn’t foreign “investment” … it’s foreign takeover … and we’re apparently stupid enough to allow it to happen. WAKE UP CANADA … you are giving away my country!!
And JT is totally implicit in it … what a disgusting excuse for a “leader”!

Alan D Stevens

and you think the last bunch were any different in this regard. Trudeau acts more like a Conservative than the population was led to expect. Same policies etc. I thought that we wanted real change. not just a slogan.