CONTRAST: Trudeau Defends Khadr Payment While Harper Contacts Victims

A recent report in the Toronto Sun shows the clear contrast between former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau.

While Trudeau has found time to continue his globetrotting adventures, give away more of our money to foreign countries, and keep defending giving $10.5 million to Omar Khadr, he hasn’t found time to apologize to Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris.

However, Stephen Harper has done exactly that.

As Joe Warmington reported in the Sun, Harper contacted Layne Morris – a U.S. soldier blinded in one eye by a grenade Omar Khadr admitted to throwing – and apologized for the payment to Khadr made by the Canadian government.

It is also believed that Harper contacted Tabitha Speer as well, though this has not yet been confirmed.

Clear contrast

Justin Trudeau seeks attention on the global stage instead of doing the right thing behind the scenes. By contrast, Stephen Harper did the right thing behinds the scenes by reaching out to Layne Morris, and he did so without seeking attention for it.

That’s how you can see the true character of a leader. 

The contrast between Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper in how they have handled Omar Khadr shows how totally lacking in leadership Trudeau really is. Sure, he can attract attention from the fawning elitist establishment press, but that comes at the expense of serving Canada and serving the values that define our country.

The Canadian people deserve far better than Justin Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando