WATCH: Heartless Trudeau Arrogantly Confirms He Never Called Tabitha Speer Or Layne Morris

Trudeau gives an arrogant lecture before revealing he didn’t even try to contact Tabitha Speer or Layne Morris after his horrible payment to Omar Khadr

Despite his fake elitist establishment media image as a “compassionate” leader, Justin Trudeau only shows compassion in scripted situations – and never for those who may disagree with him.

By contrast, Stephen Harper did reach out, showing true leadership and true compassion without trying to get a bunch of media credit.

But that’s not Trudeau’s style. If there isn’t global attention, Trudeau couldn’t care less, even when he’s betraying Canadians and showing massive disrespect to an ally by rewarding Omar Khadr.

In the video below, watch how arrogantly and dismissively Justin Trudeau confirms that he never reached out to Tabitha Speer or Layne Morris.

It is deeply disturbing that Trudeau seems to have more compassion for Omar Khadr than he does for Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris.

2019 can’t get here fast enough.

Spencer Fernando


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