WATCH: Heartless Trudeau Arrogantly Confirms He Never Called Tabitha Speer Or Layne Morris

Trudeau gives an arrogant lecture before revealing he didn’t even try to contact Tabitha Speer or Layne Morris after his horrible payment to Omar Khadr

Despite his fake elitist establishment media image as a “compassionate” leader, Justin Trudeau only shows compassion in scripted situations – and never for those who may disagree with him.

By contrast, Stephen Harper did reach out, showing true leadership and true compassion without trying to get a bunch of media credit.

But that’s not Trudeau’s style. If there isn’t global attention, Trudeau couldn’t care less, even when he’s betraying Canadians and showing massive disrespect to an ally by rewarding Omar Khadr.

In the video below, watch how arrogantly and dismissively Justin Trudeau confirms that he never reached out to Tabitha Speer or Layne Morris.

It is deeply disturbing that Trudeau seems to have more compassion for Omar Khadr than he does for Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris.

2019 can’t get here fast enough.

Spencer Fernando


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why cant he ” engage in ” and ” look forward to ” ANSWERING QUESTIONS with specifics instead of rhetoric …what does bla de bla de bla ” economic engagement” …..mean ???


What a horribly disgusting arrogant POS. No thought or mention at all about Khadr committing treason.

The Criminal Code of Canada reads that anyone who “assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country, is guilty of high treason.”


yes and it is not too convenient to only see and quote the sections of the code that accommodate your decision ….a real transparent traitor…


Khadr committed treason according to the quotation from the Criminal Code. Trudeau will likely never lay charges or even investigate.

Jonathan Bryant

You show me where in the criminal code of Canada that say what Ohmar did was legal.


Exactly why Trudeau is guilty of treason. He didn’t let the courts decide he made a personal decision. 10.5 million TAX FREE for a convicted terrorist and veterans who served Canada honourably are asking too much? I swear he’s been bought off by people. Sure hope CSIS is doing it’s job and investigating this lying treasonous leader.


You piece of dirt.




The way he speaks of NAFTA renegotiations he talks of how important it is to get along with the USA but doesnt speak of how important it is for them to get along with Canada. Hes going to screw us & kiss Trumps deriere. As for Mrs. Speers he shrugs his shoulders & behaves as if he owes her nothing. How sad. He shows no compassion. Where is the interpreter? Fired as well or resigned? Trudeau is pathetic & a puppet. I agree Spencer, 2019 cant come fast enough. We need to remind all voters of Trudeaus broken promises &… Read more »

Susan Racine

A pathetic showing for all the negative comments about JTrudeau and wanting him out and impeached, the NDP Sponsored Petition e-980 for Recall Referendum to “Remove Elected Officials from Office” closes in 10 Days with 7,374 signatures, out of 32 million Canadians, Ontario leading, Alberta next. We cannot afford to wait for 2019 – obviously others think differently.

Bob Mackie

I would have definitely signed if I had heard about it, this should have been shouted from the roof tops !!

Pat harvey-toomey

I, too & family would have signed had we known of this petition!

Brenda Morgan

He has not stood up for the Canadians since he was elected,also don’t believe a word he saids because he is a liar & a traitor to Canada.DO NOT TRUST HIM ONE BIT.


He expresses the same amount of compassion for the American families as he did / does for the Syrian Christian refugees being murdered by Daesh. When asked in Parliament if he would place some priority on rescuing those Christians, his one word response was “Nope”. Trudeau is a fake.

Marty Vandenberg

Maybe a comparison of Trudeaus response to Kadir and the folks being held in China.

June C Dobson

trudeau has no idea at all what it is like to “work” to keep a family together,,everything he got was handed to him on a silver spoon,, we need a prime minister who can relate to what most of canadians have and had to do to survive,as long as he is prime minister he will never know because Canada pays him a huge salary and takes good care of him and his family,,,they want for nothing except more,more and more,he has no idea what a budget is, the kind you have to make to live as a family,most canadians will… Read more »


You are absolutely right he is a traitor to his country we need an early election NOW before he does anymore damage.

Trudy Craig

really and he got in with 39%???????

June C Dobson

go suck a lemon trudope,,,,

Margaret Fellmann

We need another election. Trudeau is such a grossly horrible PM. I did not vote for him.

paul lepage

he is such an asshat never voted liberal and never would because of Fidels illegal son

George Warkentin

Worst prime minister ever second to pierre trudeau.Together they have destroyed Canada.Being the son of a communist castro what could you expect.


Why should anyone believe that your daddy is your daddy