A Canadian Veteran Speaks Out Against Trudeau’s Khadr Payment

While many Veterans are homeless and taking their lives, Omar Khadr gets $10.5 million

In April, I interviewed Retired Corporal Michael McNeil. McNeil has been repeatedly denied treatment from Veterans Affairs Canada after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury while serving our country in Afghanistan.

McNeil was injured when his Husky vehicle hit an improvised explosive device (IED) – the same kind of device Omar Khadr manufactured while fighting for Al Qaeda.

I recently asked McNeil for his thoughts on Justin Trudeau’s decision to pay Khadr $10.5 million of taxpayer dollars.

(Responses edited for length and clarity with approval of Retired Corporal McNeil)

Here is what McNeil said when I asked how he felt when he heard the news:

“Well I was immediately pissed off. I have seen the video of Omar making the kind of IED’s that have killed many Canadians. And knowing that family members of the dead veterans get the same amount as the disabled one’s made me more mad, because the Family Members of Deceased Veterans are getting shorted just like us. The Liberals promised to give Veterans $360,000 tax free if they were elected in 2015, and when it comes time to pony up the cash to the some 4000ish disabled Veterans from Afghanistan those pricks decide to short us by reverse indexing our Payments. For example, I received $331,700ish instead of the $360,000 promised at election time. They call it “reverse indexing.” Mind you, they have been caught in so many lies it’s not even funny. Like taking away tax free tours and then giving it back months later only to blame the Conservatives.”

I also asked McNeil what message he thought the payment to Khadr sends to soldiers who served Canada and now have to fight for the support and benefits they’ve earned:

Said McNeil, “Well we just got bent the fu*k over pardon my language, He’s (Khadr) a self-confessed terrorist, but because he was a terrorist and captured this makes his confessions forced? WTF? What about the video (of Khadr making IED’s) and the fact members of his family supported terrorism? Well let’s overlook that and pay him 10.5 Million dollars, while Veterans are going homeless, and committing suicide because of Sh*tty government healthcare, not getting proper med’s, getting purposely misdiagnosed and forced to fight for 8 years and have to prove a Traumatic Brain Injury.”

When I asked McNeil what he would say if Trudeau was standing in front of him, he said, “If Trudeau was standing in front of me I would toss him my Sacrifice Medal and tell him he knows nothing of sacrifice. He’s made it loud and clear he hates Veterans. He should be ashamed to support a terrorist like Omar. Why don’t you try supporting Veterans. Maybe give them the full pensions he promised instead of saying we can just divide the $360,000 I mean $331,000ish they shorted us on, into monthly payments. Meanwhile, even us God Damn Veterans are chipping in on this 10.5 million of taxpayers money. It’s not like we get 10.5 million dollars tax free. Hell, we shouldn’t even have to pay taxes.”

To close, I asked, “With many Veterans feeling disrespected by Trudeau and the federal government, what can the Canadian people do to show that we support and value our Veterans?” McNeil said the following:

“What can Canadians do? Well they could make sure he (Trudeau) doesn’t get re-elected in 2019. And maybe stand up for Veterans, this is a long road to fight with minimal support. They (the government) control us because we are sick. Remember, it has taken 8 years and over 20 appeals to get approved for everything, despite having proof that I did indeed suffer a TBI when I hit the 300lbs IED.

Finally, to me, this is a kick in the nuts straight up to the Veterans community. Assholes like Omar have inflicted so much pain on Veterans like myself. And Justin Trudeau is rewarding him and apologizing. Meanwhile he’s not keeping his promises to Veterans. The maximum amount anyone that Omar may have wounded or (the families) of those killed will receive is less then $360,000. Remember if you were injured in 2006, your max would only put you at $250,000ish now because of reverse indexing. Thanks Trudeau, it’s nice to know terrorists get better benefits than Veterans.”

A terrible injustice

Even without the Khadr payment, the treatment of our Canadian Veterans is appalling. When we consider that an admitted terrorist has been treated far better than any wounded Canadian Veteran, it is a national disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

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