BARBARIC: Female Genital Mutilation Practitioners Are Breaching Canada’s Borders

This is one of those times where a “diverse” practice is simply barbaric and wrong.

Justin Trudeau likes to talk about how “diversity is our strength,” but he never mentions the fact that some “diverse” practices are horrific and barbaric by our Canadian and Western standards.

One such horrific practice is female genital mutilation – described as “the cutting of female genitalia and permanently mutilating the sexual organs of young females for non-medical reasons.”

Female genital mutilation (FGM), is primarily practiced in the Middle East and Africa, often in majority-Muslim countries and communities, and to a lesser extent in some Christian communities in Africa.

Now, a disturbing new report shows that Canadian border officials are worried that FGM practitioners are entering Canada and are performing the horrific procedure on young women in our country.

According to Global News, the Canada Border Services Agency says “Practitioners of Female Genital Mutilation are almost certainly entering Canada to engage in Female Genital Mutilation on both girls and women of primarily African and South-East Asian descent,” the CBSA wrote in one of the reports.”

The report also notes, “Canada has sizeable diaspora populations from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Nigeria, all countries where a high percentage of the female population is estimated to have experienced FGM.”

“Feminist” government silent

Despite his claims to be a “feminist” Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau only speaks out for the rights of women in the most politically correct safe spaces he can find. He never condemns the horrific treatment of women in much of the Islamic world, he remains silent on FGM, and he acts as if all “diversity” is somehow good, rather than realizing that there is some diversity that greatly adds to our country, and other diversity (such as thinking FGM is acceptable), that goes completely against what it means to be Canadian.

It is a hypocritical disgrace that the Trudeau government is silent on this issue. Trudeau could use his substantial social media reach to speak out against FGM in clear and forceful tones. Yet, he refuses to do so. I guess he feels safer posting about his socks.

The girls subject to FGM are among the most vulnerable in our country. Many may not be aware that the practice is illegal in Canada, due to family or community pressure. They may face danger for speaking out. Their oppression is real and it is horrible, and you would think that a self-proclaimed feminist would do something about it.

Nope, instead he chooses the path of cowardice once again.

We must speak out

All patriotic Canadians need to speak out against FGM, and raise the pressure on the government to end their disgusting silence on this horrific practice.

As reported by Global News, “The report said PFGMs use razor blades, shards of glass, strips for binding legs as well as ash, oil and herbal mixtures. “These items may be present in the practitioner’s baggage,” it said. The “patient” undergoing the procedure and family members may greet them at the airport, it added.”

The report adds, “Preventing female genital mutilations is difficult because the parents “may believe it is a good thing” for daughters and it is “not culturally acceptable” for girls to talk openly about it, another CBSA report said.”

It’s horrific and barbaric.

This is a clear example of the need to strongly emphasize and enforce clear Canadian values – particularly the equality of women under the law in this country.

It is a horrible irony that the “feminist” Trudeau government’s obsession with never criticizing any cultural practice leads them to be pathetically weak when it comes to standing up for oppressed girls in our country.

Clearly, the Trudeau government can’t be trusted to stand up for equal rights or Canadian values. That’s why it’s up to us to spread the word about what is happening, and ensure Trudeau is decisively defeated and replaced by a government that will actually stand up for what Canada is supposed to be.

View the CBSA document here

Spencer Fernando


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