Canada Should Invest In Missile Defence

In a dangerous world, we must prepare for the worst.

A new report has revealed that Canada is helping pay for a ballistic missile defence system in Europe – a system that doesn’t protect Canada.

The report notes that all NATO countries are paying towards a $1.1 billion fund for missile defences.

Unfortunately, because of decisions repeatedly made by governments of various political stripes, Canada remains unprotected by missile defences.

As a result, Canadian taxpayers money is being spent on a missile defence system across the Atlantic ocean while our own country remains vulnerable.

Not smart.

Hope is not a defence strategy

It’s nice to hope that everything will turn out fine in the world. Unfortunately, history shows that war and violence can break out at any moment, and it’s impossible to predict exactly when a conflict could take place. So, the best that we can do is ensure we are prepared if something goes wrong.

Considering the continued advancement in missile technology, particularly the fact that North Korea has ballistic missiles that could be capable of reaching the west coast of North America (including Canada), and it is long past time for Canada to be protected by missile defences.

Build our own homegrown program

While the easiest short-term move would be to join the U.S. missile defence program, building our own would be best. As a technologically advanced country – and with allies who know what such a program entails – it wouldn’t be too difficult for Canada to get a program underway. The research and development of the program would help support Canadian innovation, and the manufacturing of the missile system would help create jobs. Most importantly, it would help keep Canadians safe in a dangerous and unpredictable world.

It’s time for our country to stop treating the defence of our territory and our people as an afterthought.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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