READ: Veterans’ Equitas Society Statement On Omar Khadr Payment

Why do Canadian Veterans have to fight in court to get way less money than Omar Khadr was just given by Justin Trudeau?

The Equitas Society is a “BC-based, national, cross-partisan, volunteer community organization which since 2011 has sought fair settlements for disabled veterans through a class action lawsuit launched by six representative plaintiffs over deficient compensation awarded under the New Veterans Charter.”

They do great work standing up for Canada’s Veterans, and I previously had the opportunity to speak with Corporal Aaron Bedard – one of the lead plaintiffs in the Equitas case fighting for Veterans to get the support they were promised and have earned – about how the Trudeau government is breaking faith Canada’s Veterans.

Recently, the Equitas Society released a statement on Justin Trudeau’s $10.5 million payment to Omar Khadr. The statement is below:

Equitas Society Omar Khadr Payment

The Equitas Society is 100% correct on this. It’s disgraceful that Trudeau worked so hard to give millions to Khadr as quickly as possible, yet is fighting Canadian Veterans in court.

What does it say about our government that they would rather reward Omar Khadr than support the brave Canadians who served our country?

Learn more about the Equitas Society

Spencer Fernando

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don morris

I agree 100% with the Veterans claim,and believe there IS a social contract between soldiers and the government representing the people of Canada. I’d like to see Veterans get pensions equal to that of Senators,complete with all perks,as they do a much more important job than partisan hacks rubber stamping legislation. It might make governments reconsider placing them in dangerous situations without proper equipment or ROE. The upcoming UN mission to Mali makes me shudder. BUT, if this New Veterans Charter was launched in 2006, under the government of Stephen Harper, whose claim to be on the side of the… Read more »


How totally and utterly shameful.
Our veterans must be looked after in every way, and at any cost.
A PM with an ounce of decency would see that the veterans are spared no expense.