WATCH: MP Michelle Rempel Shares Outrage Of Canadians Over Khadr’s Huge Payday

Rempel tells Tucker Carlson that Canadians are outraged by Trudeau’s disgraceful decision to give Omar Khadr $10.5 million CDN ($8 million USD).

Word is starting to spread around the world about the horrendous decision by Justin Trudeau to put the interests of Omar Khadr ahead of the interests of Tabitha Speer, and Layne Morris, not to mention trying to make the payment secretly and deny Canadians any info about where our taxpayer money is going.

As Americans hear about what has taken place, there is growing shock that Trudeau would be rewarding someone who admitted to killing an American while fighting with Al-Qaeda.

It is appalling.

With the vast majority of Canadians opposing Trudeau’s actions, many Canadians are starting to speak out to show where our people truly stand on this horrendous injustice. We don’t support Trudeau, and we are making that loud and clear.

To that end, MP Michelle Rempel recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News to discuss how outraged Canadians are by what has taken place.

Watch the interview below:

It is great to see real Canadian leaders speaking out on behalf of the vast majority of our patriotic citizens who are appalled by Trudeau’s lack of respect for our country, our allies, and our values.

We must all continue to stand for what is right, and continue making clear that the Canadian people oppose the payment to Khadr. We won’t forget what the Trudeau government has done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thank you Honorable Michelle Rempel, for speaking out on behalf of all outraged Canadian’s who do not support the Federal Liberal Government of Canada paying this convicted terrorist Omar Khadr 10.5 million and neglecting giving no respect or consideration to Omar’s victim’s. Justin Trudeau’s actions are a complete disgrace to Canadian’s, especially our Veteran’s past and present fighting and on guard for this Nation’s safety and security – along with our rights and freedoms that these courageous brave lives have sacrificed, for us to be respectful custodians of. Justin Trudeau you’re actions are deplorable – Canadian’s are anticipating losing you… Read more »


I agree!


Trudeau cannot defend himself on this one folks. More truth will get out to the world, but the world doesn’t live here, we do. And by the way Boy PM, stop giving billions of dollars of our taxpayers money to all 3rd world countries who support terrorism, just because you do. You will not destroy our country.


It’s disgraceful and disgusting that Trudeau would reward a terrorist. My sympathy to the Speer family and the injured soldier.


Trudeau doesn’t share the same values as Canadians do. He’s a self professed admirer of China’s system of gov’t and a close pals with Cuba’s communist dictators. His Eulogy when Fidel Castro died was telling, and he makes no apologies for vacationing with them. Sadly Canadians that voted for him couldn’t see past the wavy hair and shinny teeth, to see what he was really all about. Hopefully Candians won’t make the same mistake twice.


You are absolutely right! Trudeau is out to destroy Canada! He is going to Bankrupt Canada, and turn Canada into a 3rd a world country under his dictatorship, with his open borders policies, letting illegals immigrants that are undesirable citizens and dangerous criminals invade our country Canada, putting the safety of Canada in harms way, and will drain our welfare and health care system! Trudeau is unfit to be PM he not Honourable or trustworthy! He needs to be removed!


Thankyou so much Michelle.. Bravo .


OUTRAGED!!! NON CONFIDENCE VOTE!!! WE NEED to rid Canada of this despicable TRAITOR!!

I hate your guttzzz trudeau

Valerie Clark

Thank you, Michelle Rempel. Canadians need someone to speak for them and it sure isn’t Justa Turdo.

Sharon Morrison

Justin trudeau is a traitor. Thank you, Michelle, for speaking up for true Canadians. However, trudeau needs to be forced to step down as pm, or be charged with treason as the traitor he is. Will someone in government begin the process.


Trudeau works for the Muslim brotherhood! Trudeau is the worst mistake in the history of Canada!
He is unfit to be the Leader of Canada!

carmen koshman

This is outrageous… rule Canada does not interfere with justice when Canadians break the law in other countries. As a Canadian you are subject to all the laws in any foreign land as well as the punishments for breaking laws . He was found guilty and it is Canada,s responsibility to pay him compensation. I am almost certain a court of law in Canada would have dismissed this law suit. Why the government settled is a slap in the face


Trudeau is a cheater, a lier & a traitor. He not only has treated the soilders family with utter direspect & cruelty but also the Canadian people. He is pathetic & a very sad example of a Prime Minister. He disgusts me & many other Canadians. Hope he gets all kinds of backlash for doing this. Waiting until the legislature is down for the summer & not letting the Canadian taxpayers know what he was doing with our money makes him a a low form of human…Liberals will be gone for a very long time once he is out. His… Read more »