WATCH: MP Michelle Rempel Shares Outrage Of Canadians Over Khadr’s Huge Payday

Rempel tells Tucker Carlson that Canadians are outraged by Trudeau’s disgraceful decision to give Omar Khadr $10.5 million CDN ($8 million USD).

Word is starting to spread around the world about the horrendous decision by Justin Trudeau to put the interests of Omar Khadr ahead of the interests of Tabitha Speer, and Layne Morris, not to mention trying to make the payment secretly and deny Canadians any info about where our taxpayer money is going.

As Americans hear about what has taken place, there is growing shock that Trudeau would be rewarding someone who admitted to killing an American while fighting with Al-Qaeda.

It is appalling.

With the vast majority of Canadians opposing Trudeau’s actions, many Canadians are starting to speak out to show where our people truly stand on this horrendous injustice. We don’t support Trudeau, and we are making that loud and clear.

To that end, MP Michelle Rempel recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News to discuss how outraged Canadians are by what has taken place.

Watch the interview below:

It is great to see real Canadian leaders speaking out on behalf of the vast majority of our patriotic citizens who are appalled by Trudeau’s lack of respect for our country, our allies, and our values.

We must all continue to stand for what is right, and continue making clear that the Canadian people oppose the payment to Khadr. We won’t forget what the Trudeau government has done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube