GREEN SHIFT? Turbine Plant Closure Costs Hundreds Of Jobs In Tillsonburg, Ontario

The elitist politicians want us to think they can remake the economy based on their destructive ideology, but Canadian workers keep paying the price.

Slow growth, rising debt, low wages, and watching our country get surpassed by foreign competitors is all a result of the elites and their obsession with the “climate change” ideology. They are restricting our economy and destroying economic freedom to fit us into their self-serving economic vision of a centralized “green economy.”

Now, 340 workers in Tillsonburg, Ontario, are losing their jobs after Siemens announced the closure of a factory that manufactures wind turbine blades.

According to the Canadian Press“Siemens Wind Power Ltd. has announced the factory that employed 340 workers is not large enough to build the sorts of bigger turbine blades the company needs to stay competitive in an increasingly challenging market. Although the factory won’t be fully closed until early 2018, the majority of staff will feel the effects right away Siemens says 206 staff are out of work effective immediately, with the rest being phased out over the rest of the year.”

Despite the promise of abundant green jobs made by so many elitist politicians, Siemens says the market for wind turbines has actually shrunk dramatically in eastern Canada.

They also say the factory would need to be expanded to manufacture larger blades. Said Siemens, “The Tillsonburg factory cannot easily be adapted to manufacture this product portfolio. The significant investments necessary to bring the plant in line with current market requirements would result in costs that could not be competitive in the global markets.”

That is a polite way for Siemens to say that they see Canada as too costly a place to do business under the present circumstances. That’s no surprise, considering the destructive economic policies of Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne.

Get government out of the way

The government needs to remove regulations and restrictions that hurt growth, and they need to stop trying to direct the economy into some “utopian” direction. The economy will become more “green” if the market shifts in that direction. Trying to force it will end in failure.

Watch the video below from July of 2015 talking about how Siemens is turning Tillsonburg “into a clean energy town.”

Now, the plant is closing. It’s very unfortunate, especially for the workers who put in time, effort, and loyalty to the company.

So long as the increasingly restrictive policies of centralizers like Trudeau and Wynne remain in place, and so long as “leaders” keep trying to impose their ideal economic “vision” instead of respecting economic freedom, we will see more factory closures, more lost jobs, and more lost opportunity for Canadian workers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Let’s point big fingers at Trudeau and Wynn destroying our canadian economy.