REPORT: Venezuela Freedom Fighters Call For Nation-Wide Strike Against Socialist Dictator

Calls for national strike on Thursday come as socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro prepares to bypass the legitimate congress and cancel elections.

Venezuela is no longer a functioning country. It has no real economy, their currency is basically worthless, and the ruthless socialist government of Nicolas Maduro stays in power only because they have the guns.

An overwhelming majority of Venezuelans want the government to go, and the opposition won a huge majority in recent congressional elections. However, the Maduro regime has ignored the legitimate congress, and is planning to create an un-elected “constituent assembly,” appointed by the Maduro socialists that will write a new constitution and rubber-stamp his illegal edicts. He is also seeking to cancel upcoming elections – which he is certain to lose.

This is part of the complete dismantling of any idea of a cohesive Venezuelan state as chaos consumes the nation. As a result, the opposition is planning to set up their own “national unity government,” and name different judges to the Supreme Court.

Now, Reuters reports that the pro-freedom opposition is calling for a nation-wide strike on Thursday:

“We are not going to allow the destruction of Venezuela. The whole country overwhelmingly rejects the Maduro regime,” said opposition leader Freddy Guevara, announcing the first 24-hour strike in nearly four months of anti-government demonstrations that have led to some 100 deaths.

The goal of the strike is to send a clear message about the power of the opposition, block the constituent assembly plan, and increase the pressure to hold presidential elections which would give the Venezuelan people the chance to defeat Maduro.

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Socialism fails again

Once again, the core of socialism is revealed to be brute government force and violence. When the government tries to control every aspect of the people’s economic lives, many will resist such centralized domination. That resistance leads socialist states to use force to impose their “utopia” upon the people. Of course, as is always the case with socialism, that utopia ends up as a horrible nightmare.

Spencer Fernando


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