SAUDI BARBARIA: Woman Arrested For Wearing A Skirt

The barbaric Saudi Arabian government has arrested a woman for a video in which she is seen wearing a skirt.

In the video, the woman – identified as a model named Khulood – can be seen walking through Ushaiqir, a heritage village close to the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

The short video clip – which wouldn’t be a problem in any civilized country – can be seen below:

Khulood has been taken into custody by the Saudi government. According to Reuters, the Saudi State TV channel Ekhbariya tweeted that “Riyadh police have detained the woman who appeared in indecent clothing in Ushaiqir and referred her to the public prosecutor.”

A barbaric regime we should refuse to support

There is zero doubt that the Saudi regime is barbaric. Khulood may end up facing prison time, and even a public whipping – all for just posting a video where she wears clothes that any civilized nation wouldn’t even question. Not only does Saudi Arabia impose an extreme Wahhabist form of Islam on their citizens, but they export that horrendous ideology around the world, which contributes to terror attacks against the West.

And yet, here in Canada, our pathetically shortsighted leaders roll out the red carpet for Saudi Arabia, sell them weapons, and even restrict our own oil industry to the point where much of Eastern Canada buys Saudi oil.


Canada should never sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, and we should never buy Saudi oil. The disgraceful hypocrisy of claiming to stand up for individual liberty and the equality of women, while supporting Saudi Arabia is simply sickening, and it has to stop.

Spencer Fernando


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