More Ethics Questions About Trudeau’s Trip To Billionaire’s Private Island

Many unanswered questions about trip that cost Canadian taxpayers over $125,000

A new report has shown that Justin Trudeau’s trip to the billionare Aga Khan’s private island was considered complex and “challenging” for government officials.

Also, while members of Trudeau’s “entourage” were covered by a “diplomatic note,” those individuals have not been revealed.

As reported by Global, “Diplomatic, logistical, communications and security arrangements had to be made and were complex enough that the co-ordinator of the prime minister’s travel eventually thanked the two dozen PCO and Global Affairs diplomats who worked on the file for arranging “this challenging trip.”’

However, more than just being “challenging,” the trip has led to serious ethical issues for the government.

This is the same trip for which Trudeau is currently facing an ongoing ethics investigation. Trudeau’s refusal to recuse himself from the selection of the next Ethics Commissioner – who could rule on whether Trudeau violated ethics rules – has been slammed by the opposition parties.

Trudeau faces two ethics complaints, one for accepting a flight from the Aga Khan – whose foundation has received millions in taxpayer money – and for accepting receiving “lodging and transportation assistance” from the Aga Khan.

And despite his promises of “transparency,” Trudeau has been anything but transparent, as Global points out:

“As for Trudeau, for months, he has resisted providing any details about the trip or about the investigation by House of Commons Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson, when asked by reporters or parliamentarians.”

Violation of federal statute?

Global notes that “Trudeau is in jeopardy of becoming the first sitting prime minister to have been found in violation of a federal statute while in office.”

The government also appears “confused” by the exact nature of the trip. The spin-masters often referred to it as a “private visit” by Trudeau in his capacity as a “friend” of the Aga Khan, which is their way of trying to avoid the ethics problems.

However, reporter David Akin has shared a document on Scribd that reveals the government referring to the trip as the “Prime Minister’s official visit.” You can view the document below:

PCO request for a Diplomatic Note for PM’s “Official Visit” by David Akin on Scribd

The government has some explaining to do.

Elitist lifestyle on the taxpayers dime

Canadians expect the Prime Minister to work hard for our country, not jet around the world living an elitist lifestyle on the taxpayers dime. Yet, that’s exactly what happened when taxpayers had to fork over $125,000 for Trudeau’s trip to the billionaire private island. And to add insult to injury, we aren’t even getting any real answers or transparency about what happened.

It’s total disrespect to Canadians from a Prime Minister and a government that sees us nothing more than a piggy-bank catering to their whims.

Spencer Fernando


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