REPORT: Two ‘Canadian’ Women Caught Fighting For Islamic State In Iraq

Thanks to Justin Trudeau, their citizenship can’t be revoked.

According to a report by Kurdish media, two ‘Canadian’ women have been caught fighting for ISIS in Iraq.

The women were reportedly captured after Iraqi forces defeated Islamic State fighters in the city of Mosul. They were said to be wearing explosive bomb belts when they were caught.

The Canadian government has commented, saying “We are aware of these media reports. Canadian officials are contacting local authorities and gathering additional information.”

In addition to the captured ‘Canadians,’ female ISIS fighters from other countries including Germany, Turkey, Russia, and Syria were captured.

About 180 ‘Canadians’ have left to fight for ISIS

Disturbingly, Public Safety Canada notes that they are“aware of approximately 180 individuals with a nexus to Canada who were abroad and who were suspected of engaging in terrorism-related activities.”

Additionally, “The Government was also aware of a further 60 extremist travelers who had returned to Canada.” 

Anybody with even a shred of common-sense knows that someone who fights for ISIS is a danger to Canadians. Therefore, they must be stripped of their citizenship and either incarcerated or barred from entering Canada.

Yet, instead of doing that, our government just lets them come back. And now, thanks to Justin Trudeau, we can’t even take their citizenship away. Somebody can become a Canadian citizen, go to another country, slaughter people while fighting for ISIS, and then return to Canada while keeping all the benefits of their Canadian citizenship. It’s disgusting.

Rather than address this serious problem, Justin Trudeau just keeps saying “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.” He has no understanding of Canadian values, or the idea that being a citizen must have real meaning. Fighting for a brutal organization that stands against everything Canada represents should obviously be grounds for losing citizenship and being barred from Canada.

But that’s not how Justin Trudeau and his government sees it.

At this point, nobody would be shocked if these two so-called ‘Canadians’ end up getting help from the Trudeau government, and even end up with a taxpayer-funded payday.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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The LPC and their boy-king Trudeau are all disgusting as well as delusional. It is beyond comprehension how anyone could hold to the belief that these terrorist filth could still keep their Canadian citizenship. This is the kind of ” values ” that Trudeau holds dear which is in stark contrast to that of any rational, intelligent Canadian who actually cares about this country and what we once stood for.


These supposedly Canadian women should be fighting for Canada. Here in Canada we have a dictator who is trying to take over the country and give it away to some neanderthals.


Dr. John Schneeberger was raised in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and was charged with sexual assault and gaoled. In 2003 Schneeberger was released on parole after serving four years in prison. He was stripped of his Canadian citizenship due to having obtained his citizenship illegally, untruthfully denying to a citizenship judge that he had been the subject of a police investigation,[2] and deported to South Africa. This was a Liberal government stripping a citizenship. If you fight for a foreign enemy against Canada it is treason. Under s46 of the Criminal Code, a person commits “high treason” who a) kills,… Read more »


So let’s see, 180 ISIS fighters at 10.5 million dollars each, how much does that leave us on the hook for, someone do the math for me.


can’t be done…news is out that math is “racist”! sorry! apparently it’s “racist” because all students, regardless of their racial origins, are expected to do their homework.