Senator John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

McCain has been diagnosed with a Glioblastoma – considered an aggressive form of brain cancer.

U.S. Senator John McCain, a war hero in his sixth term in the U.S. Senate, has been diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer. The cancer was discovered after McCain underwent surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye.

After the clot was removed, an analysis revealed a glioblastoma tumor.

According to Reuters, “Glioblastoma is considered a grade IV tumor, the most malignant of gliomas. It can be very aggressive and spread into other parts of the brain quickly, according to the MD Anderson Cancer Center.”

Reaction to John McCain’s diagnosis has poured in:

John McCain’s daughter Meghan released a statement on Twitter after the news broke:

Many prominent U.S. politicians and leaders are sharing their thoughts as well:

John McCain has exemplified courage, particularly during his imprisonment as a POW during the Vietnam War. As the son of an Admiral at the time, McCain was offered an early release by North Vietnam. McCain refused, deciding to stay with his fellow POW’s.

McCain is respected by many people on different sides of the political spectrum. Even when people disagree with him, he shares his mind and makes it clear where he stands.

My thoughts, prayers, and best wishes for a strong recovery are with John McCain and his family.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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