Is Trudeau Planning To Sell Canada’s Airports To China?

More of our national assets could be taken out of Canadian hands and bought up by Trudeau’s favorite ‘investors’: Communist China

A new report has revealed a “secretive” effort by the Trudeau government to profit from the sale of Canada’s airports.

While discussion of selling Canadian airports – which are run by non-profit, private corporations that do not issue shares and who lease airport land from the Canadian government – has gone on for some time, the latest report shows the Trudeau government has hired the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to provide options for the sale of our biggest airports.

Additionally, the Trudeau government recently used foreign bank Credit Suisse to issue a report on the sale of not just the biggest eight airports, but also 18 smaller airports all across the country.

Disturbingly, the Trudeau government isn’t releasing details on what the reports have shown. As noted by CBC, “Credit Suisse was hired by CDEV, acting on behalf of Finance Canada, in a contract announced in a terse two-sentence release on Sept. 12. The Crown corporation and Finance have since refused to release the Credit Suisse report, the contract terms or even the cost to taxpayers, despite requests by an opposition MP and by journalists.”

As Canadians have seen during his time in office, secrecy from the Trudeau government means we are about to get betrayed.

Trudeau let China take sensitive Canadian national security companies against the advice of our security experts, so why wouldn’t he let China own our airports?

Justin Trudeau has shown a disturbing willingness to let China take important Canadian companies – even when doing so puts our national security and relationships with top allies at risk.

So, given that history, why would anyone think he wouldn’t be trying to let China buy up our airports? The reason the government is giving for the sale – possible profits of between $7.2 – $16.6 billion – is laughable. First, that’s a one-time profit, in return for the permanent loss of important Canadian assets. And secondly, the idea that the government wants the money for infrastructure is hilarious considering airports are infrastructure, and considering the government set up the dangerous infrastructure bank for that stated purpose. Of course, nobody would be surprised to see Trudeau sell our airports to China, and then put that money into the infrastructure bank so foreign financiers can profit from extracting tolls from Canadians.

It is clear that Justin Trudeau serves the globalist elites, not the Canadian people. His secretive plans to sell off our airports – and the likelihood that many of them will be bought by companies controlled by China’s Communist State – is just the latest confirmation that the Canadian people are at the very bottom of Trudeau’s list of priorities.

Spencer Fernando


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