Andrew Scheer Unveils Leadership Team

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer has unveiled his leadership team. Here are the members:

  • Lisa Raitt will become the new deputy leader.
  • Candice Bergen will remain as House Leader.
  • Alain Rayes will be the Quebec Lieutenant.
  • Mark Strahl will take over the whip role which is being vacated by Gordon Brown.
  • Chris Warkentin will stay in the Deputy House Leader position.

Shadow cabinet changes coming

Many are wondering what position Maxime Bernier will end up with. After all, he very nearly won the leadership, and Bernier’s supporters will be expecting a prominent role for him. That answer will be given when Scheer announces his full shadow cabinet.

A tough fight

The Liberals face increasing scandals and public outrage, giving Scheer and the Conservatives a chance to erode Trudeau’s support. That said, much of the establishment media, and the corporate elite class favours Justin Trudeau, and will do everything they can to help him win. Scheer and his team will have to be tough and relentless in showing Canadians the damage Trudeau is doing to our country, as well as utilizing social media effectively to bypass the elitist media filter.

They will also have to avoid the trap of supporting the same elite Bay Street policies that have caused so much damage to our economy and enriched a tiny sliver of the population at the expense of working Canadians and the middle-class.

Watch: Full leadership team unveiling press conference

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot

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