BROKEN PROMISE: Trudeau Government Ignores Canada Post Decision Deadline

In the 2015 campaign, Justin Trudeau promised to restore home delivery after criticizing a move by the Conservative government to transition to community mailboxes. But now that he has power, home delivery has yet to be restored, and a promised deadline has been missed.

Once taking office, the government already started backing away from restoring home delivery, instead saying a final “decision” would be made during the spring of 2017.

Now, the government isn’t even keeping that promise. They’ve ignored that deadline and now say they will decide about home delivery before the end of 2017.

The head of CUPW – Mike Palecek – ripped the Trudeau government for their inaction. “We’ve given lots of opportunities for this government to get this right, and unfortunately they’ve decided to delay, dither and do nothing,” said Palecek.

As noted in a recent report, the Liberals and NDP campaigned against the move to community mailboxes. Of course, as they have in many other instances, the Trudeau government has acted far differently in office than they did during the election.

Some have pointed out that the Trudeau Liberals are now looking at the same numbers the Conservative government saw, and are reluctant to run Canada Post at a loss. If that’s the case however, they shouldn’t have campaigned against the changes in the first place.

Say one thing, do another

The issue here is not so much the structure of Canada Post, but the rampant dishonesty of the Trudeau government. The distance between how Trudeau campaigned and how he now acts in power is growing by the day, and the broken Canada Post promise will only add to the distrust millions of Canadians feel towards Trudeau and his dishonest government.

Spencer Fernando


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Barbb A

What the hell did the union expect he wont get it done and when it is time to re-elect he will promise to get it done….dont believe ANYTHING the liberals promise it is all LIES.

Sean Short

The Liberals have made an art form out of leading stupid people. It’s when they motivate more if the stupid (synonymous with Liberal) people to vote by promising them impossible things, that they win. The union had the numbers; the Conservatives had the numbers and most certainly the Liberals had the numbers going into the last election. The Liberals had no intention of removing the GIST… oops, that was Chretien (3x), reinstating home delivery. They just knew where some more votes were. Responsible voters don’t vote one issue, they consider the package. When the packaging proves false; as it has… Read more »

Graham Miles

It seems to me that what we need here is a totally new governing system for this country

Bob Johnston

Or more knowledgable and fact based informed base