FLEECED: Ontario Electric Bills Up 71% Since 2008

The people get fleeced to pay for the elites’ schemes

A new report from the Fraser Institute finds that electricity prices in Ontario rose by 71% from 2008 to 2016.

Toronto and Ottawa have also become the most expensive cities for electricity in all of Canada.

Torontonians pay $201 every month for electricity, an increase of $77 since 2008. The average cost for Ottawa residents is $183 per month.

Not only do Ontario residents pay the most, but their electricity costs have risen almost twice as fast as the Canadian average.

To make matters worse, the Fraser Institute study notes that prices jumped 15% between 2015 and 2016.

Of course, wages aren’t going up by anywhere near enough to offset those rising prices.

Ontario Liberal government to blame says Fraser Instittue

The Fraser Institute makes clear who is responsible for the huge price increases, noting “The study finds that Ontario’s high prices are directly tied to the provincial government’s phase-out of coal energy, poorly structured long-term renewable energy generation contracts and other policy choices.”

Increasing the cost of living

As the chart below makes clear, higher electricity prices are taking more out of people’s pockets – money they can’t afford to lose.

Energy Price Increases - Ontario - Fraser Institute

The elites must be defeated

These massive electricity price increases aren’t just an Ontario problem anymore. Justin Trudeau is implementing the same elitist policies in all of Canada now. People like Trudeau and other elites are never effected by higher electricity prices or economic restrictions that weaken the growth of good jobs and force people into indebtedness. Those consequences are felt by working class and middle income people, who can’t easily absorb a massive increase in electricity bills.

That’s why the elites must be defeated, and replaced with people who understand what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet, and understand that a $77 increase in monthly energy bills is no small thing.

We also need to think about why we let a bunch of people sitting in offices exercise so much control over our lives. The increasing centralization of government has removed our ability to be truly heard by the government, and only serves to concentrate power in fewer and fewer hands. We need a smaller, more decentralized government that responds to local concerns and listens to the voice of the people, or else we will continue to get policies that are designed to fulfill an out-of-touch elite agenda, rather than improve our lives.

Read the full Fraser Institute report here

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