95% Of Wildrose Members Vote YES For United Conservative Party

After massive majority of members support unity, Wildrose Leader Brain Jean announces he’ll run for leadership of the new party.

95.4% of Alberta Wildrose Party members have voted yes to unite with the PC’s to create the United Conservative Party. The party had needed at least 75% of members to vote yes in order for the merger to proceed, a level they easily surpassed.

Here’s the vote breakdown:

  • Total votes – 24,598
  • Yes votes – 23,466
  • No votes – 1,132

57.7% of eligible voters cast ballots.

The landslide result shows the overwhelming desire in Alberta to ensure the defeat of the NDP – who have imposed huge tax hikes, a carbon tax, and restrictions on the energy industry that have killed jobs and made people poorer.

After the results were in, Brian Jean announced that he would run for the leadership of the new party. With the PC’s widely expected to vote in favour of unity, Jean will faceoff against PC Leader Jason Kenny for the top job.

All Canadians benefit when Alberta is strong. With the NDP and Trudeau government doing everything they can to hold Alberta down, Canadians across the country should be rooting for the success of the UCP in restoring the growth and dynamism of Alberta’s economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Brian Jean)