ARROGANCE: Trudeau Dismisses Khadr Payment Outrage As “Domestic Squabbles”

In an incredibly arrogant and out-of-touch statement, Justin Trudeau referred to the outrage over his payment to Omar Khadr as nothing more than “domestic squabbles.”

Ever since news leaked that Trudeau was paying Omar Khadr $10.5 million, there has been growing outrage across Canada and much of the United States.

And yet, despite the decision being the full responsibility of Justin Trudeau, he has refused to take responsibility for it. He’s blamed everyone and everything – except himself.

Now, he’s arrogantly trying to downplay the anger, dismissing the outrage as “domestic squabbles.”

Total arrogance.

Trudeau’s out-of-touch statement comes as he is trying to blame any possible NAFTA troubles on the opposition. He seems to think that the problem is people talking about the Khadr payment, despite the obvious fact that there would be nothing to talk about if he hadn’t made the payment in the first place.

This is a recurring pattern from Justin Trudeau, and it makes sense when you consider that he has his job because of his last name. He expects to be treated like a prince or a king, rather than a democratically elected leader who takes responsibility for their decisions.

He can try to spread blame around all he wants, but Canadians know it is Trudeau – and Trudeau alone – who bears responsibility for the consequences of his payment to Omar Khadr.

Arrogantly dismissing the justified outrage over the payment won’t do anything to help Canada, and it only goes to show that Trudeau lives in a bubble where he can do no wrong, and everything is always somebody else’s fault.

Canada deserves far better.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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bob Johnston

Domestic squabbles?
Interesting to know if any previous politicians acted this way

Ruth Walker

Calling an act of treason a domestic squabble is gracious of Trudeau


No Trudeau! This is your doing, and your doing alone! Your answer shows your hatred for this country and the people that you were elected to govern.

In the end, you will lose.

Ruth Walket Ph D ( Econs)

I read recently that true leadership requires doing the right thing and not caving to an uniformed base

That is true. It is also one of the reasons Justin Trudeau and leader should never be used in the same breath.

Ruth Walker Ph D

Rule of law is respected, mob rule not so much

Ken Bulbrook

No rule of law was applied. Subjective terrorist funding was; with disregard to a legally entered into international agreement. That agreement within the law was violated. Rule by a democratically elected government that chooses oligarchy as their rule is not respected.

Ruth Walker Ph D

I guess there is some logic in your reply but it escapes me

Bob Johnston

I wasn’t aware that the court who allowed Khadr to be tortured and a forced confession had international approval

You mean public opinion of flyover deplorables, are mob rule?

K Lee

I found this quite by accident..most interesting reading

Troll!!!!!!!!!! Troll alert!!!!!!!!

Works in Communist dictator countries, you know, like Venezuela………it’s tragic to have so many uniformed people. They shouldn’t have the vote?

Bob Johnston

No — everyone has the right to vote ( think you mean uninformed not uniformed–lol)

Kenny Bigrig

Trudeau on Omar Khadr payout and U.S. relations via Conservatives: “Trudeau said domestic politics should stay within Canada’s borders.” Can any one person, let alone the prime minister of Canada be so stupid and naive? Khadr’s actions were of an international nature with the main subjects being Canada and the U.S. From the action of Khadr’s and his family radicalizing in Canada then going to Afghanistan to murder in the name of islamists, including Medic SFC Speers and fighting Canadian soldiers to his confinement for terrorist crimes. That evolved to Canadian intervention in a U.S. judicial process that allowed convicted… Read more »