MAGNA: Ontario’s Largest Auto Sector Employer Warns It May Leave Province

High hydro rates, cap-and-trade, and new legislation could push 22,000 jobs out of Ontario.

Ontario is at risk of massive jobs losses.

Magna International – Ontario’s largest auto sector employeer – is warning that the policies being imposed by the Ontario government could push them out of the province entirely.

The warning comes as Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is pushing legislation that would raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and impose other requirements on businesses that some fear could lead to job cuts and more unemployment.

As reported by BNN, the warning from Magna was clear: ‘”We find ourselves in the very untenable position of questioning whether we will be able to continue to operate at historic levels in this province,” warned Magna Chief Human Resources Officer Marc Neeb in a submission to a committee studying the legislation.”

Magna says Ontario is at a “tipping point” for businesses and investment.

BNN notes the concerns of Phillip Cross – Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute – who says the Ontario government should be taking this seriously:

“I think it’s actually quite unusual [for] a large multinational firm like Magna, which has to deal with governments all the time,” he told BNN in an interview Friday. They generally are very politically correct – they are very understated,” he added. “It’s quite unusual for a large firm like that to even raise the possibility that they would move. And it should get the Ontario government’s attention. ”

Elitist politicians hollowing out our economy

In their arrogance and subservience to the globalist ideology, politicians impose policies that destroy jobs and increase reliance on the government. Notice how the economic policies pushed by the elites never hurt the government, and in fact bring in more revenue for the government to get even more bloated?

Arbitrarily increasing the minimum wage and raising the cost of labour doesn’t mean people will get paid more, it means more businesses will cut jobs. While a few of the measures proposed in Ontario make sense – more protection for part-time workers, and more personal emergency leave – the combination of a minimum wage increase with higher taxes and cap-and-trade is disastrous.

The best way to help workers is to get the politicians to stop trying to control every little part of the economy. Lower taxes for workers will put more money in people’s pockets, and ending corporate welfare will bring true competition that creates jobs and raises wages without government edicts. Cap-and-trade, carbon taxes, and other tax hikes do nothing but take money out of workers pockets – making people poorer and damaging the economy further.

Think of how insane things have become: Politicians give billions in taxpayer dollars in corporate welfare to companies that are already rich. Then they increase taxes on consumers, which weakens the economy. Then, they bring in regulations and taxes that make it extremely expensive to do businesses, causing jobs to leave our country. So, we end up with massive deficits, a weak economy, indebted consumers, and job losses. Nice.

Unfortunately, politicians like Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau have no trust in the people they govern, and they do incredible damage by trying to concentrate power in their hands. In Ontario, that damage could manifest itself as the loss of tens of thousands of good manufacturing jobs, a crippling blow to an economy that is already overly-reliant on a housing market bubble that could pop at any time.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Doug Zettler

Blame it on toronto they voted liberal


You are absolutely right! They need to give their heads a shake! Thanks a lot TO


Stupid first response. Ya cuz all Toronto voted liberal. Why dont u question the CEO pays ..guaranteed they are talking this wAY because its cutting into their personal profits


Judy we blame Toronto as there are too many damn ridings that the VAST majority of which are LIE-BERALS. Yes Toronto is too blame and I would also blame elections Ontario for allowing so many damn ridings in TARANTA….to hell with the rest of this VAST Province it is and always is all about Toronto!

Patricia Martin

Yes Toronto is to blame but only because of the way ridings are set up (purposely). However I hope Magna is not thinking of pulling out because of Minimum wage. They can well afford it. Their personal profits are enormous.

alan skelhorne

no matter what you write about the globalists, they will keep doing what they are doing. if people in canada, cannot see the writing on the wall, then canada will be done. the big three have to lose their next elections big time, trudeau, wynne, and notley. those three alone are killing the country of canada. so canadians, it will be up to you to change this country. please vote for the right people to get this country, going in the right direction, if not, bye bye canada.

don morris

Who,pray tell,are “the right people”? Greens? Christian heritage Party?Communist Party? Bloc Quebecois? or any one of the plethora of fringe Parties that crop up just before an election?

Electing anyone other than the “Big Three” as you call them,is unrealistic. Perhaps you are calling for a revolution? Revolution is distinctly un-Canadian and will never happen,unless the Islamic Warriors decide to get impatient and start one.

Norbert Kausen

Wrong, Don, revolution is NOT “distinctly un-Canadian”! There was the uprising in 1837 in Lower Canada, There was the Red River Rebellion of 1869. There was the Quiet Rebellion in Quebec in the 60s. Furthermore Canada is NOT supposed to be communist, but it seems to have become so, and THAT is reason enough to rebel and demand our old way of life back! Furthermore, as more and more Canadians become marginalized by Liberal STUPIDITY, they WILL stand up for the return of their/our rights and freedoms!


Don Morris … I guess that’s the problem, too many people like you have not figured out yet who the “right people” are … quite simply and by coincidence, it’s the people on the “right” and not on the “left” such as socialists and liberals. It really is just as simple as that. If you take a look at the economies/countries of the world, do you see any countries governed by socialists (leftists) that you would want to move to?? Did you not notice that Harper brought Canada through a world-wide recession in quite fine shape, thank you? Did you… Read more »

Patricia Martin

Yes, impeachment should start with MPs and MPPs being told they have to vote the party Line. They represent their constituents. 4 yrs. too long.

Ruth Walker Ph D

This is not without precedent in that companies large and small will protest in various global jurisdictions to further their causes. Not that they don’t raise valid issues.
It takes a wily politician to listen and engage and address all complaints and find the real issues and offer solutions.

Jeff Dewe

Magna I don’t think they will leave yet, There’s only 10 months until Wynne gets the boot from Office, If I was Magna, I would call a meeting with Andrew Scheer (Ontario’s next Leader) and have a good long talk with, If Wynne does win again, Then yes packup and move on, But by all the latest polls the Ontario Liberal party won’t have enough seats to actually be a official political party after next years elections. Thank God for that!!

Ruth Walker Ph D

When did Andrew Scheer announce he was running for leader of PCs in Ontario?

Rik Hudson

Sheer is Federal, not provincial.


Jeff – Scheer is FEDERAL. He is not running against Wynne. Pay attention.

don morris

Magna was started by Frank Stronach,Daddy of PCC floor-ctosser Belinda Stronach,so it’s doubtful that they would attempt to cozy up to the CPC,more likely try to work out a deal with Trudeau and the LPC.

Magne is world wide,perhaps they already intended to move out of Canada and just needed an excuse,which Ontario Hydro and Wynne are providing free of charge.

Rik Hudson

Wrong government…. Andrew Scheer is Federal (ie. Ottawa) not Ontario provincial PC’s.


I’m just a small fish in a BIG pond but if this happens and Magna leaves Canada it would be devastating to me and a lot of people me included. I have worked for Magna for 5 years now and I know for a fact there’s a lot of people that put there blood sweat and tears into this company. (((I love working for Magna Casma International Grenville Casting))) Perth and I’m Canadian


Magna surely not complaining about the Liberal government the very people who made Magna what it is today. As far as the globalists their game is up, they lost.

Norbert Kausen

The Liberals ARE globalists, Dave!


What’s does the min wage have to do with them pulling out and leaving iam sure the people working at magna make way more then 15 dollors an hour and if there leaving because of that we’ll bye bye

Worried employee

Well you can think that but no we do not all make that or better! Half the work force in my area is temp service through magna Grenville castings


If Magna leaves, it’s not about the cost of minimum wages, but purely on the cost of hydro which they need to run their equipment, big presses require a great deal of electricity to operate and all the other cost associated with running their equipment. If only it was as easy as switching from incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent or LED’s to reduce their consumption.
Maybe instead of giving away the surplus hydro to our southern neighbours, they could help the manufacturing sector out a bit?


I love how conservative pundits add in a lot of personal innuendo into a valid story which is more about price of power then minimum wage. Let not forget it was Harris how privatised Ontario Hydro, with the lie power would be cheaper. I am not a liberal voter because they lie just as much as Conservatives. The only government that ever drought us out of a recession were the N.D.P, but big business did not like them because they rolled back corporate welfare and increase corporate tax. So vote conservative if you want to get lied to and expect… Read more »


Harris only had it partially privatized the controlling interest was still public. Wynne privatized it to 60 percent.

Nicoll Investigations

It wasn’t Harris who came up with the Green Energy scam that has given Ontario the highest electricity prices in all of Canada and one of the highest in all of North America. The NDP did such a great job in Ontario under Bob Rae that they’ll never, ever be elected again.


God you are a complete moron
NDP screwed Ontario so bad

Nicoll Investigations

Franks’s hedging his bets on the NAFTA deals. If the (former) Big 3 choose to follow the America First policy the shakedown to stay in Canada or outright closure of their plants will come in to play. Whether NAFTA stays as it is, changes or is scrapped, the auto plants and all the suppliers can shakedown the government for more bribes to stay. If the plants choose to close, then Magna has already planted the reason for why they are leaving, and they’ll be up and running in the US and waving adios to Ontario. If the government chooses not… Read more »

Chris McCoy

It doesnt matter what Magna decides. Alberta and B.C. will call a referendum in the next 10 years and separate from Canada like Quebec tried to do. 40% of Canada’s GDP will disappear with the mark of an X. They’ve already had meetings about it. If I was Notley, that would be my next platform. The province of Alberta is littered with semi trailers that say, MORE ALBERTA LESS OTTAWA. Alberta is sick of subsidizing Ontario.


Chris — tell Alberta they’re not leaving without Saskatchewan …


Come on back to Cape Breton

Elizabeth Thorne

Justine Trudeau says the majority of Canadians are not Islamophic and support M-103–He should call an election on M-103 right now and find out what Canadians really think of the traitor. Sick of BS.

John neill

Check out magnas board of directors …Harris is one you might be amazed who the others are … so you know frank s also ran for liberals in 1988 … he lost however, sheer be federal for now BUT, how enterprising for him to entertain the thought of jumping ship from Feds to provincial pc leader and save Canada Through that action YAAAAy !!!!

George T.

If Magna leaves Ontario it will not be just their 20.000 people that work for the , but 10 of thousands of workers that supply them.


Great job Wynne Bag!!!