Scheer Rips Trudeau For Prioritizing Trade With China Over NAFTA

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has brought attention to the fact that Justin Trudeau seems more interested in pursuing a dangerous trade deal with China, rather than focusing on putting Canada into the best position possible to win on NAFTA renegotiations.

During an interview with CBC Radio, Scheer said the following about the Trudeau government: “He seems so focused on a trade deal with China — that nobody wants — that they’re forgetting, and not prioritizing, a trade deal that everybody needs. They’re not working hard enough on this NAFTA [file] and they’re trying to confuse issues now. So I think they’re mishandling the trade file.”

Scheer also criticized Trudeau’s effort to suppress dissent and debate when it comes to trade.

“When it comes to the way that the Liberal government is handling it, when we’re talking to Canadians about how these things should be handled, we will always hold the government to account. That’s our job,” said Scheer.

It’s good to see Scheer criticizing Trudeau’s dangerous and disturbing obsession with China. While it may not always make day-to-day headlines (as much of the corporate media is in thrall to the globalist agenda that has benefited China), there are long-term negative consequences for Canada’s future if we let a foreign power buy out our nation piece by piece. Scheer is so far showing that he won’t put the pro-China corporate elite interests ahead of Canadians, and he’s using his position of influence to support Canadian interests.

The fact that Scheer even has to remind Trudeau about the difference between our ally the United States and the authoritarian communist state of China is evidence of the danger the current federal government poses to our future as a strong, unified, and truly independent nation.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Ruth Walker Ph D ( Econ)

Seems strange..Scheer undermines NAFTA, says JT isn’t doing enough, Trudeau covers bets by developing relationships with worlds largest trading countries –JT determined to get best deals for Canada
Scheer waffles –can’t decide who to back..wants Canada to bow down to Trump ..Scheer with all the statesmanship of Homer Simpson would make a terrible PM with marching orders from Harper

Justin Trudeau, as arrogant as his father, not as smart as his father, and throwing Canada into a huge deficit like his father, that wont be paid off until 2055 and beyond. His father was also fond of communist countries and that included China and Cuba. Justin Trudeau is using daddy s political playbook to make all his decisions, and no, those decisions are not in the best interests of Canada. Socialism and communism is not what 61% of Canadians want. Andrew Scheer is a much smarter man than Justin Trudeau in all aspects of politics. He has had more… Read more »


You’re kidding? Right? Are you OK with Trudeau bowing down to China, selling Canada to China?? Oh, I get it……you are a Liberal.

Ruth Walker Ph D

No leader of any country should bow down to another but should be open to trade discussions with all.

Wuth Ralker High School (drop out)

Seems strange… that you think Scheer is undermining NAFTA by pointing out how Trudeau undermined NAFTA. And Trudeau isn’t “developing relationships” with countries like China… he just selling us out to the dictatorship he admires, so he can continue funding his Canada destroying Cultural Marxist agenda. But, what do I know, I’m not a PHD in economics…

Ruth Walker PH D ( Econs)

I like your sense of humour a lot.. your logic .. not so much.. lol

Well said and I agree.

tim pedden

Making any kind of free trade deal with a corrupt evil empire like China should be prevented at all costs. China is controlled by some of the worst dictators that have ever slithered across the face of the earth. They treat their own people as a cheap machine tool that is disposabe when they are to weak to do as their masters demand.The more you buy from China the more oppressive they are to their own people , Bill Clinton found this out when he was president. The United States is our greatest Trading partner and our greatest Allie ,… Read more »

Bob Johnston

Putting ones eggs in one basket not a good idea.