SECRETIVE: Trudeau Refuses To Answer Questions On NAFTA Renegotiation

After saying he would be glad to talk to the opposition about Canada’s NAFTA negotiation strategy, Trudeau refuses invite to answer questions in front of trade committee.

As Justin Trudeau plays political games and tries preemptively blaming the opposition for any possible NAFTA negotiation failures, he is going back on his recent statement that he would be glad to share Canada’s negotiation strategy with opposition MP’s.

Adding to the hypocrisy of Trudeau (who promised the most open and accountable government ever), his refusal comes after he’s been saying how “non-partisan” Canada’s NAFTA strategy should be. Once again, all words, no actions.

The Toronto Star reported that NDP MP Tracey Ramsey invited Trudeau and other top cabinet ministers to speak to the House of Commons Trade Committee to answer questions about how the government would be renegotiating the deal.

Ramsey notes that the U.S. government has been more transparent – as they publicly released an 18 page list of priorities for the negotiations. “We’re not asking for the specifics on how they’re going to negotiate every item, but we can clearly see from the 18 pages of priorities with the U.S. that they’ve made public — we could do the exact same thing,” said Ramsey.

Unfortunately, the committee is dominated by government members, and they (on orders from the PMO of course), rejected the idea of having Trudeau and other cabinet members answer questions.

Instead, they decided to just send Minister Chrystia Freeland, and she will only answer questions on August 14 – just two days before negotiations start. By that time, it will be far too late for the opposition to have any input on the negotiating strategy, making Freeland’s appearance there basically meaningless. That’s Trudeau’s elitist style of “leadership.” A few people at the top make all the decisions with no input from the rest of us – not even other elected MP’s.

As a result, the Trudeau government is deliberately shutting out the opposition from any say over how Canada renegotiates such an important trade agreement.

So much for being “non-partisan” on NAFTA.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Bob johnston

One might think that Michelle Rempel has caused the govt to rethink giving info


What does Trudeau have hanging over the Lb. MP’s heads that they cannot speak for themselves? The MP’s must get a backbone soon. They are not representing Canadians. When election time comes, they will be wishing they had more respect for the people that voted them in.

Ron Jaremkow

If a Liberal MP speaks against JT, in the coming election, JT will not sign the nomination papers of that MP. It’s not a matter of backbone, it’s a matter of greed.


Last thing we want is the sock puppet involved in trade talks in any way. His idea of negotiations is to say where do I sign and how much do you want. Keep both he and his puppeteer, GeppettoButts, as far away as possible from anything to do with vital discussions.

Ruth Walker

Wonder what as Scheers trade policies are…what experience does he have?


You can be guaranteed Mr. Scheer, or many other Canadian MPs with a minimal understanding of NAFTA, would do a superior job of representing us, as opposed to the, always embarrassing, clownish, idiotic “sock brain”!

Ruth Walker

I would bet on a leader who has done his homework as opposed to one who just took over -/ but that’s just me.

Roger Shelswell

Trudope should take P/M Harper with him to the NAFTA renegotiation meetings.They would get done right

Ruth Walker Ph D ( Econs)

Trudeau already wisely consulted with NAFTA author Mulroney

Oh, yeah…… I feel better!

Richard Courtemanche

Trudeau is adding more to his repertoire of questions he can’t answer. This might work favorably for him not having to answer questions eventually just like dictators do. How convenient and sleazy! And how would government or some reliable authority in this country be able to compel him to answer if this arrogant attitude and incompetent behavior persist!

Bob Johnston

Why would any negotiator discuss strategy before going into negotiations?

Ruth Walker Ph D

a good strategy is to keep strategy secret

Especially from voters? Especially from Canadians? Nothing? Cricket silence? I’m thinking Trudeau is too busy flying rainbow flags and selfies. And hasn’t a clue about strategy or negotiations. He never has had to be a grown up.

Ruth Walker Ph D

Does a smart dog give away his strategies to a cat- neither you or I need a Ph D to figure that out-

K Lee

a more obvious reason for not answering questions particularly those strategy related is that having seen how quickly Chardonnay Michelle ran across the border to “explain” in her terms this governments foreign policy, so too would she or Polievre “explain” any divulged answers or strategy publicly and likely on Fox News


K Lee, Thats about a 6th grader analysis…..there are Canadians who would buy such silliness, of course. They are the ones who voted in the childish leader.

FYI Michelle Rempels mission was intended to let our American cousins, friends and associates know that the vast majority of Canadians are vehemently opposed to Trudeau’s actions regarding the reprehensible Mr. Khadr.

K Lee

Bet you tip your hand at poker too.