BETRAYAL: Trudeau Removing Warning Against FGM & Honour Killings From Citizenship Guide

If the Trudeau government can’t even condemn barbaric practices against women, how can Canadians trust them on anything?

In a deeply disturbing move, the Trudeau government is making revisions to the Canadian Citizenship Guide, including the removal of warnings against barbaric cultural practices – including female genital mutilation (FGM) and ‘honour killings.’

As noted by CTV, “In the draft version (of the new guide), the reference to barbaric cultural practices is gone, as is the inclusion of getting a job as one of the responsibilities of citizenship.”

This comes as Canada Border officials are being warned of a surge in people entering our country to perform FGM – a horrible procedure that is considered abhorrent by civilized standards.

“Respecting the human rights of others” is voluntary?

As reported by CTV, the new guide would divide citizenship into “voluntary” and “mandatory” obligations. Shockingly, while paying taxes, filling out the census, and respecting treaties are all considered “mandatory,” the new guide plans to say that “respecting the human rights of others is voluntary.”

The combination of removing a warning against FGM and “honour killings,” and then saying respecting the human rights of others is “voluntary” is a total betrayal of Canadian values, and it should be disturbing to all of us.

There is no reasonable argument against the clear and obvious truth that honour killings and female genital mutilation are horrendous and barbaric practices. If the Trudeau government doesn’t even have the toughness and common-sense to make it clear that those practices are unacceptable in Canada, and they simultaneously say respecting the human rights of others (which includes the equality of women) is voluntary, how can any Canadian trust them to protect our values?

Selling out Canadian Values to Globalist Political Correctness

Strong nations make it clear what they stand for, and what they stand against. It is simply unacceptable that the government knows people who support honour killings and FGM are entering our country, and yet plan not to tell them that Canada has zero tolerance for that barbarity.

It’s a total sellout of our Canadian Values to political correctness, and it is shockingly hypocritical that a government claiming to be “feminist” doesn’t have the guts to actually stand up against the most oppressive anti-women attitudes in the world.

Of course, this is what the globalists want: Countries stripped of all sense of standards, values, or willingness to stand for freedom. They want weak, subservient nations, and that’s exactly the path Trudeau is leading us down.

Canada must not become a haven for those with barbaric views, and to stop that from happening, our government must be explicitly clear what our nation will and will not tolerate.

The fact that the Trudeau government’s new citizenship guide is refusing to do that is a sign of how far removed our government is from what the vast majority of Canadians believe.

This betrayal must not be ignored. We need to spread the word about what’s happening, and make certain that all Canadians are aware of our government’s unwillingness to stand up for our country and our values.

Tweet about it, write about it, and share your thoughts. If the Trudeau government won’t stand up for what is right, it’s up to the rest of us to speak up for the true Canadian values that still form the core of our nation.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Finis Canada


Trudeau will say he wants to “keep it in Canada”, and have taxpayers fund it, just like abortion, and drug shoot up sites.

Kim Leaman

I see that the day has come….. The conservatives wrote that redundant nonsense into the guide for two reasons. It’s there to raise fears and turn xenophobia into votes for the CPC and also feed the false narative that the Liberals are soft on terrorism when they inevitably returned to power. The CPC knew that that all these things were already illegal under Canadian law, and that the Liberal would rightly IMO delete it given a chance. That’s the way the right wing operates, and I believe I said so at the time. It comes as no surprise to me… Read more »


He needs to be removed from office–He does not reflect Canadian values.


I absolutely agree! He is the worst mistake in the history of Canada!


i totally agree if hes not removed soon ,we will be like the 3rd world countries ,not sure if he realizes ,,,that Canadians do not agree with this garbage ,

Maureen Sullivan

My sentiments exactly!!


Ok, how many ‘red lines’ does this bozo need to cross – its now overdue for opposition to rescind this POS (spelling error) I mean PM governing incompetence #STAT.




if this is true, get out of Canada Trudeau. Go live where those practices come from


He most definitely needs to be kicked out on his *** ass!

Bob Johnston

Kellie Leitch overtones.

Jerry minialoff

This is barbaric as it gets ,I don’t know how our prime minister ever got to be a kindergarten teacher when he hasn’t graduated from it himself . This whole liberal government has to go . There was once I had respect for this party but having a liberal premier who cost this province a fortune and had the nerve to pay her buddy running hydro the largest paycheck . Now we have another idiot and his party who love barbaric people better then his fellow Canadians. Giving our hard earned money to people and countries practising their barbaric practices..… Read more »

Andrew Klinzmann

What the F**K are you on about ?

Bob Johnston

Would like to see added ” don’t cross at red lights ” to protect our children

Andrew Klinzmann

You’re a special kind of alt-left STUPID, aren’t you ?

Bob Johnston

He he!
Seems practical to me.,how many stop lights do they have in Syria ?
..all been shot out


Every day, the news gets worse and worse. My mind is exploding right now. Totally unbelievable that this can happen in Canada. We are so done for. I don’t see how the PCs can reverse all of this….

Wonder who is paying for this into his Trudeau Foundation, or who is donating to the Liberal Party. Are we going to hear any opposition from the NDP, Greens? There is something else going on besides his usual Muslim pandering……also, will this be another issue, or potential issue, with NAFTA talks. Hope so……..

Pretty sure it was Justin himself that said “Honour killings shouldn’t be called “barbaric” back in 2011

Barb Vessey

He’s a selfish, good for nothing! He is doing more damage, by far, than Mr. Trump. He makes Trump look like a Boy’s Scout!!

Vince P

Any sources on this?

David B

How are murders politically correct?

James Williams

The truth of the matter is that those “warnings” were inappropriate and offensive to begin with. We already have a system of laws in the criminal code that make those practices illegal and were implemented just to raise the level of discrimination and political unrest in this country. It was a calculated ploy and it cost the conservative government their time in office as it should have. This article is just a backhanded way to resurrect that unrest and smear the liberal party and it is going to have the same result. Nothing more than click bait for disenfranchised racists… Read more »

Bob Johnston

Right on!


We also have hate speech in the Criminal Code but that did not stop Trudeau’s government from introducing M-103 and we haven’t finished with that yet!

Tanya Gaw

thank you Donna….if our government is not consistent throughout …they themselves open the door to deep criticism. There is nothing noble about Justin Trudeau’s decisions…he is just pandering to people’s baser instincts in an effort to achieve popularity and votes…while offending many…I just continue to pray that the citizen’s eyes of this great Country would be opened and it will ultimately cause our Prime Minister to implode…and sooner…rather than later.

Bob Johnston

Scheers strategy so far has been to pander to the Con base as Harper did with hate and racism ignore rule of law and discredit the highest court on the land as the tools

Timothy Smith

Hey bob, how much are you paid to contradict for the sake of contradiction? Oh no, a conservative candidate is doing something OPPOSITE of the liberals, by pandering to his followers… who would do such an evil thing? Just because you alt-left peoples call your party of extremists ‘ the normal, middle ground’ doesn’t make it so…

A.J. Blea

Exactly, well said!

A.J. Blea

Well said James Williams!

Margaret Vinck

Finally!!James, you are one of the intelligent ones…. thank you!


How can this so called feminist PM, when you agree, honour killing and FGM is ok? It is absolutely disgusting and against all true feminist! He is a psychopath and is destroying all Canadian values! We Canadian do not agree with Sharia law or sex with Animal! Trudeau has to be removed, as he is mentally unfit to be PM! Trudeau’s morals and values are not the reflection of Canada! He is insane!!!


Circumcision is already legal in Canada, meaning that genital mutilation is already here and being practiced for decades. The only difference is now it doesn’t discriminate genders.

Ruth Walker Ph D

Well spoken and true!


Oops! Did you confuse two categories? Male circumcision and female genital mutilation are two different things. The former removes excess skin from the tip of the male genitalia without doing any harm to the genital itself. The latter, however, removes part of the female genitalia itself, causing significant damage, including long term trauma. You fell into a logical fallacy, misidentifying two separate categories because they sometimes share the same label.


Robert, thank you for clarifying this huge difference. People confuse the two.


Not the same – different thought processes for female and male cicumcision.


Uh… you are wrong. I’m assuming you have not been circumcised (since it is a medical procedure performed on male genitals). I, however, was… as a newborn. No PTSD/trauma as a result. Everything works great (and actually gives some advantage/control), and is so much easier to keep clean (never danger of any infections as a young boy). Summing up, as Robert does as well (below), it is anything BUT “mutilation”… as you erroneously referred to it. Think of it as a trimming up. A service provided by our medical professionals and “system”. Thank you to all my fellow hard working… Read more »


To Noranda: Oh my God, Circumcision is done to prevent a build up of bacteria under a foreskin which can cause devastating infection. That is just one reason for doing it. It is done in a hospital by a surgeon. It does not interfere with a man’s pleasure while having sex and in fact may increase the level of sexual pleasure. Female Genital Mutilation is done by someone with whatever is handy to do the savagery of cutting off the females clitoris. The goal of Female Genital Mutilation is so the woman CANNOT feel any sexual pleasure. It often results… Read more »

Yannick Stromei

You mean, ANOTHER betrayal!

Maie Gunn

Trudeau is the biggest disappointment in Canadian political history, I pray that he never gets elected, he is ruining a beautiful country !!

Trudy Boudaud

If nothing is done to get rid of this guy, we will experience the legality of Sharia law next. This all fits in with his plan to convert Canada to a post nation state. For Canada’s sake get rid of him in October

Maie Gunn

Trudeau is ruining Canada, please step down !!




Look on the bright side. If “respecting the human rights of others is voluntary” then the Canadian and all provincial Human Rights Commissions can be disbanded immediately. Lots of parasites unemployed and money saved. We could go back the rule of law rather than kangaroo courts.


The United States isn’t doing much better!


Hey Justinidiot, ignoring Human Rights goes for everyone, not just the perpetually offended. Start by disbanding the Human Rights tribunal kangaroo courts as they will be another waste of the millions you are so concerned about saving Canada. They are now optional, right? The well known professional victims can claim to be “offended” and they will realize they will get over it.

Jocelyne Bourgoin

M. Justin Trudeau, vous êtes le diable en personne. Vous n’êtes pas digne d’être le premier ministre du Canada. Je réclame votre démission immédiatement. Vous le savez très bien que s’est contre nos valeurs moral et physique. Ce que vous faites est de la cruauté envers les femmes. Je n’en reviens pas comment vous avez un tel mépris, une telle haine envers la femme.


Je suis d’accord Jocelyne. Il dit qu’il est un Feministe…. mais on sait que ceci n’est pas vrai.


Totally unacceptable in our country. When will this madness end? Please step up Mr. Prime Minister.

Linda Vidito

This is very disgusting, women suffers enough if this goes through he will never get my vote.

R Johnston

sadly Andrew Scheer ignores human rights and freedoms defined in the Charter, and believes his judgement is above that of the Supreme Court of Canada

Timothy Smith

You’re thinking of Trudles… you have been programmed well… how many years did you spend in university?


I hate to break everyone’s alarmist bubble, but honor killings are still illegal in Canada, because murder is illegal.
Everyone who enters this country agrees not to commit murder, or rape, or assault, or any of a thousand different crimes, on pain of punishment by the state.
That’s what the law is for. It is the concrete manifestation of our Canadian Values. We don’t need out citizenship documents to outline every possible type of murder that a person might commit. That’s just silly.

Timothy Smith

Well, the problem is ( if you care to look out your window perhaps ) that people, who are selected based on their affinities with extremist ideologies are being targeted for immigration and are being welcomed in, and given a ‘pass’ on their transgressions of Canadian law, because they’re claiming ‘they didn’t know I couldn’t beat my wife with a hockey stick’ and nonsense like that… your straw man is poorly constructed… and the subject you’ve chosen to straw man is based on a logical fallicy… if you’re going to have someone agree to a set of laws, values, and… Read more »


excellent reply

Marcel courchesne

what are Canadian values. Christian values maybe. human rights ok but i’m pretty sure it include the right to practice your desired religion. aren’t we supposed to have freedom of religion. I think feminist are also respected, why not respect the women who are happy with their religion. I’m not religious but I respect the fact that people with different religion have different values. we even tolerate transgender and gay marriage. gays can even adopt a baby for christ sake. this country supports pretty much anything since it says that it respect people of every nation and their religion. what… Read more »

Colleen McLaughlin

What a terrible way to greet women entering our country. That’s like saying “you are allowed to beat your wife here but only on the weekend.” To provide safety to those entering Canada should be our priority. Advising newcomers to our laws [the 2 in question regarding mutilation and mercy killings] which greatly differ from the ones where they came from surely is the responsible thing to do. ‘Ignorance of the Law ‘ is no excuse for a Canadian citizen when committing a crime, do we expect immigrants to know our entire Canadian Justice System when entering Canada? I think… Read more »

Terry Giesbrecht

This Prime Minister is completely out of touch with Canadian values and has proven time and time again that he is nothing more than a spineless puppet in the hands of the globalists. If only we could have a representative and leader who really cared for Canadians and for the values we share. If he is not stopped and allowed to continue to take this country down this path it will mean utter destruction of this country. Because that is the agenda he is following. It’s almost unbelievable. We need every Canadian citizen to wake up to what is going… Read more »