Chinese Communist Party Continuing Restrictions On Catholic Church

Another reminder of the freedoms denied to the people of China

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are freedoms millions of Canadians exercise everyday. So, as the federal government continues to push deceptive propaganda to make people think we should get “closer” to China (as the elites drool over their potential profits), it’s worth remembering that the Chinese Communist government denies those freedoms to their own people.

As reported by the Catholic Register, The Chinese Communist Party is continuing their tough restrictions and control over the Catholic Church.

As noted by the Register, “Yu Zhengsheng, a member of the elite seven-man Politburo Standing Committee and chair of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, told members of the open church community “to ensure that the leadership of the Chinese Catholic Church is held firmly in the hands of those who love the nation and the religion,” reported”

The Vatican has tried taking steps to normalize relations with China, but the Chinese government wants to continue appointing their own bishops. Rather than allow the official Catholic Church to operate freely in the country, the Communist government created their own “Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.” It is controlled by the Communist Party.

For example, during a speech, Yu Zhengsheng said church leaders should “always to insist on the direction of Sinicization of religion.”

This means the Chinese government wants religion to follow a path dictated by the state, rather than follow a free path.

China has a large underground Catholic community that rejects Communist attempts to control their faith – a courageous and dangerous stance in the authoritarian country.

The Party above all

Unlike in many countries, China does not have political parties that compete for power. The dominance of the Chinese Communist Party is written into the constitution. As a result, everything is subordinated to the Party. For example, China’s armed forces – the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) – is the armed wing of the Communist Party. They swear an oath to the Party, rather than China itself.

That is the vision China has for religion within the country. There is to be no true freedom of worship, instead all will be controlled by the Party.

The same goes with property rights. The Party controls – either directly or indirectly – the big businesses operating in the nation, and can seize any business at any time.

Self-serving justification

One of the justifications the Chinese government gives for their dominance is that their “culture is different and not compatible with Western notions of democracy.” Obviously, this is BS. Taiwan is a free and democratic nation – based upon the exact same culture as mainland China. Until recent crackdowns in violation of the “one country two systems agreement,” Hong Kong had a vibrant and relatively free political scene.

Additionally, millions of people who emigrated from China participate in the democratic process around the world. We shouldn’t be fooled by the lies of the Communist Party of China – the Chinese people deserve the freedom to worship and speak their minds just as much as anyone else.

No matter how much propaganda the cowardly elites push on us, we must not sell out our values or sell out our country just so a few globalists can get even richer.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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