CREEPY: U.S. Company Implanting Microchips In Employees

What could possibly go wrong?

There comes a point where increased “efficiency” becomes disturbing and creepy. A Wisconsin company has reached that point.

As reported by KSTP News, Three Square Market – a company that designs software for break room markets – will be “offering microchip implants to its employees.”

Their CEO says “It’s the next thing that’s inevitably going to happen, and we want to be a part of it.”

The microchip is the size of grain of rice, and will be implanted in 50 employees. It can be used to open the officer door, log on to their computers, and pay for items.

According to the report, “Each chip costs $300 and the company is picking up the tab. They’re implanted between a person’s thumb and forefinger.  Westby added the data is both encrypted and secure.”


As always, we are being promised how secure everything is. The CEO of Three Square Market says the devices are encrypted, and “there’s no GPS tracking at all.”

Of course…

What makes this so disturbing is that despite the fact the worlds biggest governments and companies – including tech companies – are regularly hacked, we are expected to trust putting a microchip in our bodies, or replacing tangible cash with digital currency. There’s simply no evidence that any system is 100% secure from hacking, therefore fully trusting any system makes no sense.

A disturbing future

While the microchips at Three Square Market are voluntary, they are still a harbinger of a disturbing future. In the name of “efficiency,” governments and large corporations will certainly want to put microchips in people. They’ll tell us that it’s “easier” than carrying around ID, a passport, cash, and other items we use. Yet, by seeking a bit more “efficiency” we will be giving up what’s left of our privacy and freedom.

The use of microchips, and the globalist war on cash are connected. Those in power want everything tracked, and they want everything in a central database they can always access and control. That’s why they want to eliminate cash, that’s why they are terrified of bitcoin, and that’s why they will seek ever more tracking power and control in the future.

We must resist that future. A little inefficiency is a small price to pay for protecting our privacy, and retaining tangible/non-government controlled payment systems.

It would be a tragedy if we willingly sacrificed our freedom at the altar of big-government & corporate control.

Watch this BuzzFeed video to get a sense of how some are already pushing microchips as “the future of money.” Very disturbing.

Spencer Fernando