Illegal Border Crossings Into Canada Surged In June

Vast majority are now crossing illegally into Quebec

The ongoing consequences of the Trudeau government weak borders policy are being felt as illegal border crossings into Canada from the U.S. surged in June.

According to government stats (which are now released only once a month rather than weekly), the number of illegal crossings surged to 884 in June, from 742 in May.

The vast majority were caught in Quebec, where 781 were apprehended, compared to 576 in May. Illegal crossings into Manitoba went from 106 to 63.

Unsurprisingly, asylum claims increased in Canada last month.

No such things as refugees from the United States

Despite Justin Trudeau’s tweet that “everyone is welcome” (despite that not being remotely how an immigration system works), the fact remains that people entering from the United States are not really refugees.

The United States is a free and democratic country, and it makes no sense that people who have in many cases broken immigration laws in the U.S. are somehow fleeing persecution by entering Canada.

Canadian citizens ignored

While Trudeau flies around the world getting praise from foreign elites, Canadian citizens in border communities have been abandoned by the government, leaving many people in border towns wondering why the Trudeau government seems more interested in getting positive headlines in the global press, rather than standing up for our country. Trudeau has refused to dramatically increase security at the border or provide more assistance for border communities – which is a disgraceful abdication of his responsibility to Canadian citizens.

We should not be encouraging people to violate Canadian laws. Not only is it an insult to law-abiding Canadians, but it is unfair to those who are seeking to enter Canada legally. Already there are increased delays and backlogs in the system, meaning people who followed all the rules and showed respect to our country are pushed to the back of the line, while those who violate our laws get first hearing. That is not right.

Our border must mean something

As long as the Trudeau government keeps prioritizing international headlines and globalist praise ahead of Canadian citizens, our border will remain weak, and people will keep crossing illegally. And we know that the numbers being reported are only those who are caught, we have no idea how many people are crossing illegally without being stopped.

This is unacceptable.

Our border must mean something, and those who follow the rules should be rewarded, not punished in favour of those who cut the line.

Canadians deserve a government that respects our border and respects Canadians in border communities. Clearly, that’s not what we have now.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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