Washington State Looks At ‘Canada’ Infrastructure Bank Money For High-Speed Rail

Infrastructure bank could force us to pay fees & tolls to foreign banks and foreign governments to use infrastructure funded by our own tax dollars.

The government of Washington State is looking at the Canada Infrastructure Bank as a source of funds for a high-speed rail line between Vancouver and the Northwest United States.

As reported by CTV, “It’s (Washington State) looking at the infrastructure bank as a potential financing option for a long-discussed high-speed rail connection between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, says one of the governor’s senior policy advisers.

Charles Knutson, an adviser for Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, said Ottawa’s infrastructure bank will be analyzed as a financing option in an ongoing feasibility study for the rail proposal.”

The idea of the high-speed rail line itself is good. It would create jobs and help deepen ties with an important economic region. That said, the infrastructure bank is a huge problem.

While it’s called the ‘Canada’ Infrastructure Bank, it’s really a tool to serve private investors – including foreign banks and foreign governments. This means that all the risk is borne by Canadian taxpayers if a project fails. Additionally, investors want a long-term source of profit, meaning Canadians will be paying tolls that will go to people outside our country. So, the infrastructure won’t truly be Canadian.

In the case of the Washington State project, Canadians could be paying tolls that go to a U.S. State and foreign investors, rather than to Canada. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a reason we have the Bank of Canada, as it makes far more sense for our own country to fund our own infrastructure, and then pay that money back through tolls or fees that stay within our country. National infrastructure should be funded by the national government, not foreign banks or foreign governments. And a joint project between Canada and the U.S. could include a mix of Canadian infrastructure spending and U.S. infrastructure spending – without Canadian taxpayers paying tolls that go to foreign banks.

Who owns our country?

This comes down to the fundamental question of who owns our country. The globalist elites have an agenda that serves organizations that are “above” nation-states. International banks preach the importance of “breaking down investment barriers,” but what they really mean is letting countries be bought and sold off. There is something fundamentally important about our national infrastructure being owned by our country, which means we have direct influence and control over it. While I’m no fan of most Canadian politicians, I would much rather see infrastructure controlled by politicians in our own country, as opposed to a foreign banker half a world away.

The obsession with “globalizing” everything must come to an end. The agenda of concentrating wealth and power in the biggest banks and the most well-connected elites has failed miserably, as evidenced by the total lack of real wage growth in the last 40 years, and the massive rise in debt accompanying that stagnation. Canada must own our infrastructure, and we must not let our country be taken out from under our feet by globalist banks and other governments that don’t have our interests at heart and are not responsive to the demands of our citizens.

Spencer Fernando


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