Fake Feminist Trudeau’s FGM Failure Reveals Gutless Cowardice

It takes no courage to defend women’s rights at elitist events with celebrities. Truly standing up for women’s rights would mean condemning, and combating female genital mutilation and honour killings instead of ignoring it.

Justin Trudeau has talked a big game about being a “feminist.” Yet, his plan for the removal of warnings against some of the most horrific anti-women practices on earth – female genital mutilation and honour killings from the Canada Citizenship Guide – makes a total mockery of any claim he has to defending the rights of women.

It reveals total gutless cowardice on his part.

It’s absolutely pathetic.

The fact that much of the media still repeats Trudeau’s “feminist” description without openly mocking it and ripping it for hypocrisy is absurd.

Someone who puts political correctness ahead of condemning and fighting against horrific anti-women practices may be lots of things, but a defender of women’s rights isn’t one of them.

Not only is Trudeau revealing himself to be a hypocritical and gutless coward, but he is missing a massive opportunity. He has a huge social media following, and he could use that following to bring awareness to the growing problem of FGM in Canada and around the world. He could take a leadership role in truly standing up for the rights of women, bringing awareness and protection to a group of women (the vast majority who are in the Muslim community), who are being horrifically assaulted in silence.

And yet, Trudeau instead prefers to pander to political correctness, choosing to place his allegiance with a twisted and destructive vision of a value-free “post national state,” rather than standing up for the ideas of individual freedom and the equality of men and women that form the backbone of what is greatest about Canada.

In doing so, Trudeau reveals himself as a fake feminist, a coward, and as totally unworthy of leading our great nation.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Bob Johnston

The “growing practise of FGM” is a manufactured fear mongering tactic
without proof.

jack grandville

Sir, if you truly believe those comments, it appears you either have not kept abreast of the constant ‘changes’ in our social norms that Trudeau has managed to bring about, or have chosen to blindly believe ‘all is well.’ This country is more divided now than at any time in our history. To dismiss the comment on FGM as you have is simply to ignore reality. He has opened the bottle and, as history has taught, the genie will not be put back in. But that does not mean we have to ignore it and go our ‘merry way’ as… Read more »

K Lee

Sir with greatest respect..
by what objective evidence has Trudeau brought about changes in our social norms and what norms have changed? Be very specific state exact instances..
explain how the debate about FGM is nothing more than disguised racism?
how is this country divided..please explain?
what daily events have put the most passive on guard..?
just askin” y’know?


Get a life.

jack grandville

There is no real surprise here for anyone who was watching and listening to this individual since his election. He has take bilingualism to a new level — that being the capability of saying two things at the same time from both sides of his mouth and neither being comopatble with the other. It is not unusual in politics and mimics many before him — however, they were somewhat more astute at disguising that reality. This individual has lost whatever credibility he may have had and has equally brought the Liberal Party into question with his antics. On top of… Read more »

Roger Shelswell

Trudope has been lying to us all along about women’s rights.How could anyone be leave in and stand up for women and agree with mercy killing and female gentile mutilation.How can Canadians be so stupid as to support this treasonous dictator.




He is such a pathetic coward, shallow, gutless, no sense of honor, that there is absolutely no fear of him charging anyone with slander or defamation. He doesn’t have the balls to be a man, to stand up for what is right, to stand up for Canada.

I said this right after the election – “Hi, my name is Justin. What can I change in Canada so you don’t get offended?” OH, you insist on wearing a mask so nobody can see you take the Citizenship Oath? OK, wear your mask and pretend to grunt the words.

K Lee

What “balls ” do you have to stand up for what is right for Canada?
–is there any part of Canada you like?
or would you sooner we go back to the days of Harper and his mistreatment of women not just indigenous,,,plus hatred of free speech never meeting with the press or provincial premiers nor open discussion, muzzling of scientists and his own cabinet, let alone hatred and racism and mysogny
Canadians deserve better give your head a shake

Karen Lee

Trudeau supporters believe in justice and fairness for all not just white Canadians


ha ha ha!!! good answer, Eva. you made my day!!!!

Patricia Faulkner

HE total delusional and insane.!!


Bob Johnston: and you know this – HOW????

R Johnston

simple..it is fear mongering at its best..

Marlene Stobbart

One has come to believe this boy is NOT a Christian but, in fact, has turned to Islam. By his every deed and action – this one is the worst. The brother is married to a Moslem, his father liked Communism, so – what is different for this BOY. Unfortunately, like his father who ran a horrendous debt – JT is doing the same. Also who gave him the right to give our tax dollars to the Clinton Foundation? And to the other Arab foundation – I believe the name ws Khan. Thank the media for their love in re… Read more »


Me too, about carrying your column. Also, how does he support ISIS ideals & LGBT “rights”? They are not harmonious one bit.

jack grandville

Why is it that, as expected, someone would bring Harper into this discussion — there is no comparison and certainly no need to attempt a comparison. The antics of our ‘present leader’ and his arrogance (only because of his surname) clearly represents one with delusions of glory — which, I believe, history will not grant him.


I’m curious as I have not followed the news on this topic so please forgive my ignorance, what I’ve read briefly about it I do not understand the uproar. This has been going on for thousands of years with men, and we raise a stink now because a race or religion I’m not sure whom really does this to females! What MGM male genutal mutilation we been getting clipped forever?

Allis Chalmers

It amazes me to listen to the Trudeau supporters. I would like to know there background. Why you ask because they abviously are protected by wealth or absoutley have no clue or care what this left wing maniac is doing to this country. But time will cut the wound that Canada will feel if we dont rid ourselves of this arrogant puppet who is doing everything he can to destroy christianity and personal freedoms. Dont believe me now but time will reveal the damage we will be left with to try and I mean try to repair.

Massey Harris

Seems the taxpayers and voters did not agree with you in Election 43