REPORT: U.S. Navy Ship Fires Warning Shots At Iranian Revolutionary Guard Ship

Reuters is reporting that the USS Thunderbolt fired a warning shot at an Iranian ship belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The incident took place after the Iranian ship ignored radio and ship whistle warnings.

As noted by Reuters, “Years of mutual animosity had eased when Washington lifted sanctions on Tehran last year as part of a deal to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions. But serious differences remain over Iran’s ballistic missile program and conflicts in Syria and Iraq.”

The Iranian ship reportedly came within 137 meters of the Thunderbolt, leading to the warning. The ships were in the northern Arabian Gulf.

While running for President, Donald Trump said any Iranian ship that harassed the U.S. Navy in the Gulf region would end up being “shot out of the water.”

Tensions have risen between the two countries, as the U.S. expresses concerns about how the Iranian regime is handling the nuclear agreement. The U.S. is said to be looking to strengthen the agreement, something Iran will certainly oppose.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter