Trudeau Government Giving Bombardier $100 Million For Deal In IRAN

Apparently, the billions Bombardier has been given by Canadian taxpayers still isn’t enough.

Despite receiving billions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers over the years – most recently $372.5 million given by Trudeau – Bombardier’s failed executives gifted themselves massive bonuses and shipped Canadian jobs to other countries including China and Mexico.

As if that wasn’t enough, now the Trudeau government is giving them even more.

According to a report by the Financial Tribune, the federal government“will provide $100 million in finance for a deal between Montreal-based multinational aerospace and transportation company, Bombardier Inc., and Iran’s Qeshm Free Zone Organization for purchasing 10 passenger planes, the FTZ’s chief executive, Hamidreza Momeni, has said.”

Reportedly, the $100 million will finance 80% of the deal.

A horrible use of taxpayer money

It is absolutely outrageous that Bombardier is being given yet more taxpayer money – and given their record of surviving only through taxpayer bailouts there’s no reason to think Canadians will see a benefit from this.

How is it possible that the billions they have already been given isn’t enough to have financed this deal?

And why is the government helping finance a deal with Iran – one of the biggest state sponsors of terrorism on earth?

This yet again shows the disturbingly twisted judgement of the Trudeau government.

Of course, considering that Trudeau is part of the same elite as the Bombardier executives, it’s unfortunately no surprise that he would put rewarding his rich Bombardier buddies ahead of protecting taxpayer dollars.

It’s a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Sherri Emery

The Muslim world is taking full advantage of Western leaders’ incompetence. The best friends of the terrorists are the hapless Leftists who protect terrorists in the name of political correctness.

jack grandville

As usual, Spencer, right on target (dare I use that word publicly?) and Sherri has hit the nail on the head (or is that a sign of violence?). At this stage of his tenure, can there be any doubt of his intentions, even from the most loyal Liberal? If so, we are in greater danger that I thought.


I hate Trudeau as much as anyone but this deal is not unusual. Governments provide financing of exports to create jobs. The United States does this. Boeing jets are financed by their export bank. Ditto Airbus and Embraer. If Canada did not provide attractive financing Bombardier would lose out to the competition. The aerospace industry is one of Canada’s most important industry – if not THE most important


There is one word only that can describe all decisions coming from the Trudeau government: “INSANE”.

Les Romhanyi

Hey, if globalists didn’t look out for each other who else would?


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You can’t be serious
Referendum. Jason Kenny is getting ready

Michael Brusletten

The Trudeau government has committed Treason, by doing business with Iran! Then to top it off, by giving Canadian tax payer money to them, without the permission of her people!