VIDEO: Scheer Pushes Back On Trudeau’s NAFTA Fear-Mongering

In a press conference, Andrew Scheer rejects Trudeau’s pathetic attempt to blame the opposition for backlash to the Khadr payment.

With NAFTA negotiations approaching, Justin Trudeau has been trying to blame any potential damage to Canada on the opposition. He seems to think that the anger towards his payment towards Omar Khadr is somehow the fault of people talking about it, rather than the fact that he made the decision.

This abdication of responsibility has been a recurring pattern for Trudeau – blaming everyone else for his own actions.

In a recent press conference announcing his leadership team, Andrew Scheer strongly pushed back against Trudeau’s pathetic NAFTA fear-mongering. Watch the video below:

It’s good to see Scheer pushing back against Trudeau’s pathetic fear-mongering attempt.

All Canadian Patriots must stand against Trudeau’s propaganda and lies. We must work to bypass the elitist media and ensure that the truth gets out to Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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In fact, the mediocracy’s objections and repeating of Liberal talking points about Conservatives reaching out to Americans via US media totally misses their point, to let Americans know Canadians do not support the decision of their government to settle with Khadr, but were not consulted. Let PM Trudeau and the LPC be accountable for that, the blame lays squarely there for any damage to our US relationship. Their flimsy reasoning will become very apparent when Parliament resumes. The Americans are justified in their indignation with this decision, and yes Canadians by and large agree with them and against the government,… Read more »

Ruth Walker Ph D

since when do Canadians need the approval from Americans to support our laws


“What Canadians want”. “I speak for all Canadians” and on and on. Trudeau has absolutely no clue about what we think or want. He doesn’t speak for us.

Not my Prime Minister.

jack grandville

He has that ability — learned from when he was a ‘spoiled child,’ to continually demonstrate the spoiled child attitude — anytime something is specifically his fault and his alone, he blames it on someone else, or everyone else. What an embarrassment.

Ruth Walker PHD

Psh back against an act of treason is fair
Clear thinking Americans must wonder why a Cdn politician bad mouths her country on US tv
US citizens would react with revolt if it were done against them by one of their own
Scheer is not a nation builder he seeks power , mind control and restrictions on personal and economic freedoms by ignoring rule of law

bob johnston

it is not unexpected that Scheer would wage an all out attack on any government measure…he has to build credibility within the base by any means traitorus, defamatory or seditious…