Trudeau’s Media Strategy Distracts From His Dangerous Elitist Agenda

Look over here at this Rolling Stone cover, while Canada is betrayed behind the scenes.

China is buying up more of our country with each passing day.

The ‘Canada’ Infrastructure Bank will have us paying tolls to foreign banks – who will get all the profits.

Our deficit is out of control, putting our economy and future generations at risk.

The “feminist” government refuses to condemn Female Genital Mutilation and honor killings.

A new carbon tax will rip more money out of those who can least afford it: Middle-income and working class Canadians.

Our tax dollars are paying someone who fought for Al-Qaeda. 

Trudeau let Wall Street hedge fund BlackRock get privileged access to the Canada Infrastructure Bank details – long before Canadians were told what was happening with the bank.

Canada’s energy sector is in serious trouble as investment flees and regulations strangle growth.

More of our tax money is being given away to foreign countries while countless Canadians suffer in poverty.

The federal government is trying to turn us into a “post-national state,” where Canadian values of individual freedom, freedom of speech, and equality under the law are replaced with political correctness and the division of Canadians into ever more separate groups – devoid of a strong Canadian national identity.

A deliberate agenda to weaken the tangible economy is putting all our eggs in the housing and debt-fueled growth basket – a clear recipe for disaster as we are watching household debt skyrocket while wages stagnate.

And yet, we’re talking about Justin Trudeau on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

That’s his strategy. That’s how he and his fellow elites push their agenda.

They distract.

They throw out shiny objects for the elitist media to focus on.

They push attention away from what they want to hide.

And all too often, it works.

Look at how much discussion Trudeau’s Rolling Stone cover has gotten. (And yes, I get the irony that this article is discussing it as well, but the point needs to be made.)

Every second spent talking about Trudeau being on Rolling Stone is a second we aren’t talking about all the things I mentioned above (and the many other problems facing Canada).

That’s why, every time Trudeau pulls another stunt for global attention, Canadian Patriots need to quickly pivot back to all the damage he is doing to the country. Remind people about Trudeau’s elitist agenda and the betrayal of our country. Make it clear that he is deliberately trying to distract from it.

Instead talking about what Trudeau wants the focus to be, the message should be something like, “Of course Justin Trudeau is going on the cover of Rolling Stone, since he wants to distract from his plan to give unprecedented power to foreign banks to control our infrastructure.”

Remember, the Justin Trudeau that shows up in magazines is a carefully crafted media image designed to distract from a dangerous elitist agenda that serves those around the globe with the most power and influence. It’s not about helping Canadians.

That’s why – regardless of what distractions are thrown in our way – we must not let the Trudeau communication strategy deter us from the essential objective of sharing the truth with the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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