Government Failing To Keep Promise To Canadian Troops On Tax Exempt Status

Once again, the government grinds to a halt when it comes to supporting those who serve our nation.

A while back, the Trudeau government disgracefully tried to strip danger pay and tax breaks from Canadian troops serving overseas.

In particular, some troops in Kuwait who had tax exempt status were going to lose it. After a massive public backlash from Canadian Patriots – including the outcry of many of you reading this article – the Trudeau government announced that they were backing down.

Defence Minister Harjit “The Architect” Sajjan announced that the government would stop the cancellation of the tax breaks.

And yet, the Trudeau government is now apparently having “trouble” making that happen.

As noted by the Canadian Press, “Yet the devil has proven to be in the details, with officials now scratching their heads over what types of operations and deployments should and should not be eligible for tax relief.The debate is particularly relevant for the navy’s sailors, many of whom on close reading of the defence policy would not be eligible for tax relief despite spending up to six months at sea at any given time.”

Just give them all the tax breaks

For a government that spends money so freely, it’s interesting how the Trudeau government is now all of a sudden trying to be so “careful” about not spending too much on tax breaks for the troops.

It’s a disgrace.

According to the government’s own figures, giving the tax exempt status to deployed troops would cost $85 million over the next five years. Interesting how the government has no problem running billion dollar deficits, yet doesn’t want to “overpay” Canadian military personnel.

Here’s an easier solution, just give all deployed troops the tax breaks. Even if costs a few hundred million dollars, it’s more than worth it to give our troops and servicepeople the respect and support they deserve.

Spencer Fernando


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