Christy Clark Resigns As B.C. Liberal Leader

Christy Clark – former Premier of British Columbia – has resigned as leader of the B.C. Liberal Party.

Her resignation will be effective as of August 4th.

Clark’s resignation in her own words:

“Serving as premier and serving the people of British Columbia for the past six and a half years has been an incredible honour and privilege. I am so proud of everything our B.C. Liberal team has accomplished. I am certain that British Columbia’s best days lie ahead. Because British Columbians can, through hard work, determination, and perseverance, achieve anything they set their minds to.”

Clark’s resignation comes after her party came up one seat short of a majority, and fell to a NDP-Green coalition.

She leaves behind a mixed legacy in B.C., having overseen relatively strong economic growth that increasingly benefited a small percentage of the population while rising home prices and the cost of living caused difficulties for millions of B.C. residents.

There were also concerns of undue corporate influence over the actions of the government.

Spencer Fernando