Trump Sacks Reince Priebus, John Kelly Will Replace Him

After withering criticism from new Trump Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci (including being called a “paranoid schizophrenic”), and receiving no defence from the White House, Reince Priebus is out as Chief of Staff.

He will be replaced by Director of Homeland Security John Kelly as revealed by Trump in a tweet:

Priebus had been rumored to be on the way out almost ever since he got the job, and his tenure is the shortest in history for a White House Chief of Staff.

Sean Spicer’s recent resignation was a big loss for Priebus, as the two were both allies from their time at the Republican National Committee, weakening his position even further.

Bannon next?

Some are now wondering if Steve Bannon is in trouble, with Scaramucci having ripped into Bannon in his recent New Yorker “interview”. Said Scaramucci, “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own c–k.”

This is a big win for Scaramucci in the ongoing White House power struggle, and is a win for the Jared Kushner/Ivanka Trump faction, who are fans of Scaramucci and wanted Priebus out.

Video: Trump announcing Priebus’ replacement to the media

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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