WASTE: Government Revenue Up 4.7%, But Spending Rises 6%

The Trudeau government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Many politicians love having power, and controlling more money means more power. That’s why most of them love raising taxes, and hate cutting spending.

As a result, they always tell us that they “need more revenue,” and the Trudeau government is certainly no exception. Their carbon tax, and elimination of numerous tax breaks are taking more out of our pockets, yet they keep wanting more.

However, the statistics show that the government doesn’t have a revenue problem, they have a spending problem.

According to Finance Department stats, government revenue increased by 4.7% in April and May when compared to 2016. So, you would think the government could be easily closing the deficit gap. And yet, government spending rose even further, going up by a full 6%.

The government ran a surplus of $68 million in those two months, compared to a surplus of $114 million over those same two months last year. It should be noted that governments tend to run surpluses in the first few months of the fiscal year, and the deficit is still projected to be $28.5 billion.

If any taxpaying Canadian was given a 4.7% raise, they could easily put their finances in a better position. Instead, the Trudeau government goes on a spending spree that puts our economic future at risk.

So, the next time the government tries to say they don’t have enough revenue, remind everyone you know that government revenue is almost always rising, and the real problem is the inability of politicians to stop recklessly spending our hard-earned money.

Spencer Fernando