BRUTAL: Saudi Arabia Using Canadian-Made Armoured Vehicles In Violent Crackdown

Those opposed to selling weapons to Saudi Arabia warned this could happen, but the federal government ignored those warnings.

In a clear example of “too little, too late,” the Trudeau government now claims to be “deeply concerned” by reports that Canadian-built armoured vehicles were used by the Saudi regime in a violent crackdown.

According to reports, the Saudi government has launched a violent crackdown Awamiya, a town in the Eastern Province. The area is where many of the minority Shia’s live.

At least 5 people are reported dead in the crackdown so far, though the number could be far higher.

First reported by Anthony Fenton – a Researcher at York University – it seems clear that the Terradyne armoured vehicles governments approved for sale to Saudi Arabia are being used by the Saudi regime to oppress their own people:

Of course, many warned that this is exactly what would happen. Why would the brutal Saudi regime want these armoured vehicles if they wren’t planning to use them?

How could our government – which supposedly believes in human rights – justify allowing the disgraceful sale of more weapons to proceed after seeing what’s happening?

They could have heeded the warnings, but instead, they claimed they weren’t worried because Saudi Arabia “promised them” they wouldn’t use the weapons for such a purpose. But only pathetic fools trust the words of ruthless regimes, and the Canadian government clearly got played.

Blame for this is widespread, as the Harper government originally approved the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, and the Liberals, after campaigning against it, went back on their word and allowed more sales to proceed.

Ban all trade with Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government lied to Canada, and now Canadian-made weapons are being used against innocent people. Clearly, all weapon/vehicle sales to Saudi Arabia must be banned, but that’s not far enough.

We must ban all trade with Saudi Arabia, including oil.

Our country should have nothing to do with such a barbaric regime, and it’s time our so-called “leaders” toughened up and did the right thing for once.

Spencer Fernando

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