OUTRAGEOUS: Trudeau’s ‘Canada’ 150 Research Chair Program EXCLUDES CANADIANS

Another slap in the face to the Canadian people.

To celebrate Canada 150, the Trudeau government created the Canada 150 Research Chairs position. It’s a $117.6 million project to hire research chairs with taxpayer money. Each research chair will serve a seven year term and will make either $350,000 or $1 million every year – which is based upon their “rank.”

Here’s the problem:

The program excludes Canadians.

That’s right, Canadian scholars in Canada are not allowed to apply for the research chair positions being funded with our own taxpayer money.

In an article for the Regina Leader-Post, Professor Raymond B. Blake – a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Funded Researcher from the University of Regina – ripped into Trudeau’s exclusion of Canadians. His criticism is worth quoting at length:

“The initiative is purely political, part of Justin Trudeau’s plan to showcase Canada internationally as a welcoming place, quite different from what he sees as the closed worlds of Theresa May’s United Kingdom and Donald Trump’s America. Unfortunately, Trudeau is playing politics in a manner that is also a slap in the face to young women and men right here. He does not believe they have the talent needed to make Canada’s universities world-class.”

Blake points out the terrible message this sends to Canadian scholars:

“Trudeau is telling our young graduates that they are not good enough to be considered among the brightest in the world. As the minister of youth and prime minister, did he not make youth one of the themes for Canada 150 commemorations? Yet, he is now telling Canada’s young scholars they must stand aside so foreign-trained researchers can teach in their universities. It is not as if these bright women and men from our graduate programs have many other opportunities. Advertisements for university positions regularly draw dozens of applications and hundreds of our scholars are either underemployed or unemployed. Many have left the academic world.”

“Excluding young Canadian scholars at a time when they need opportunities is only one of the problems with the Canada 150 program,” adds Blake.

Blake also notes that the idea behind the program itself is flawed:

“There is no evidence to suggest the brightest minds at Harvard, Oxford, MIT and other leading international schools are eager to vacate their posts for Saskatoon, Sherbrooke or St. John’s. Even if potentially bright minds are withering away in the U.K. or U.S., eager to seek refuge in Canada, why not have them compete with the brightest minds in Canada? Because of the Trudeau government’s exclusion of Canadians it is possible universities may be forced to select professors from second- or third-rate international institutions.”

According to Blake, this could weaken Canada’s universities:

“By imposing exclusionary policies for the Canada 150 research chairs, Duncan might actually be weakening the quality of our universities. And, ironically, some of those Canadians who are being excluded now may be recruited to work in the U.S.A. and be lost to Canada forever.”

Adds Blake, “Today, our universities are graduating researchers who rival those anywhere in the world, and we should not be excluding them from prestigious competitions to find professors trained elsewhere to educate the next generation of Canadians.”

Trudeau puts Canadians last once again

It’s a total insult to Canadians that our scholars are blocked from accessing a program funded by Canadian tax dollars, and it’s disturbing to see that once again our money is being taken from us and being given to foreigners.

Our government is supposed to serve Canadian citizens, but that seems to be last on the list for Trudeau. He never misses a chance to give our money to non-Canadians. His globalist elitism is a total disgrace to this country, and it must be stopped.

Read Professors Blake’s full article here

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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joe myers

THIS DOSN,T SURPRIZE ME trudeau wishes to alienate every hard working person in this country!why not hire some unemployed people for a million a year to tell why they are unemployed?? makes just as much sense doesn,t it??

Robyn Swanson



Question is, “where are the professors to go after Justin after being treated like a bunch of asses. Will they complained to Justin for ‘shutting down innovation, research science like they did to PMSH. How about the media?
The professors by now should know the liberals are all ‘show and no money.’


Another disaster decision from Trudeau. Where are the liberal MPs to oppose such a ridiculous way of recruiting all but Canadians to celebrate the 150th of Canada? We will boycott it or Trudeau will have to change the requirements. Actually these positions should be offered ONLY TO CANADIANS. Specially that it is canadian taxpayers money.

Sandra Clark

My question is “Why”?? For what reason is he doing this? Canada has a very high unemployment rate and he is always stating that he has created more employment for Canadians in Canada. So far, I have seen little to support what Trudeau is bragging about. To exclude Canadians from a Canadian job is highly questionable on his part. Our students are going into debt trying to educate themselves to have a better, more qualified life….and Trudeau takes their options and future employment away from them. Just another example of Trudeau’s inept attitude towards Canada. We have highly qualified Canadians… Read more »

Roger Brocke

If this does go ahead, watch who gets the positions and where they are from, Trudeau has an agenda, now and before he became PM.
Not sure where his allegiance lies,but definitely not within Canada.

M Pavlov

Well isn’t that nice but on the other hand aren’t those university students the ones that were backing the Liberals during the last election


Exactly, how ironic! Trudeau is throwing under the bus the only honest supporters he has had. All others are crooks, liars and dangerous.

Holly Riddick

I would like to know how much more of this we will put up with. It’s bad enough to be born here in Canada and I’m just scraping by as it is, what is it going to take for him to no longer being there and stop making our lives so miserable.


Being as diversified as we are culturally, wouldn’t it make sense to hire within your own boarders.. His thinking is much like believing that as CANADIAN’S are closed minded and cut off from the rest of the world… Back Ass Country F||C!K$ we are. (Cue he Lumber Jack Song)

Mike McC

When Trudeau said “Canada is the first Post National state”, he knew that to be the case because he was about to dismantle the Country and give it away. It’s been his intention all along.


This person is going to destroy Canada Are there Canadians still out there that would vote for him again HOW DO WE STOP THIS PERSON??


Is anybody surprised at this guy anymore?

miss Jensen

He is a backstabbing con artist. A liar he proves that by the way he is running the country. He is anti humanity and anti Canadian ways. Will be te downfall of Canada!


Justin Trudeau you are a bigoted to Canadians


Trudeau is insulting all Canadians. If he wanted a program like that, he should have taken it from his immigration budget and never use the 150th anniversary of Canada but call it a foreign exchange program. Insult over insult, that’s all he knows.