Cowardly Trudeau Government Ripped For Silence On China’s Brutal Censorship

Seems there’s no time to stand up for basic human rights when the globalists have money at stake.

The continued betrayal of our country to China remains among the most disturbing aspects of the Trudeau government.

Under the guise of so-called “free trade” and “stronger ties,” the Trudeau government is implementing an agenda that will enrich China’s elites, enrich Canada’s top elites, and enrich the big companies and banks.

There’s just one problem: It will screw over everyone else.

Canadian workers, our middle class, Canadian companies owned by people loyal to our country, our environment, and our political independence, will all be damaged if China’s authoritarian communist government is given more power over our country.

And yet, that’s exactly the direction Trudeau is taking us.

As more people wake up to what’s really happening, anger and concern is growing within Canada.

Columnist Terry Glavin has been one of the top voices warning about the Trudeau’ government’s actions regarding China. In a recent column, he ripped into the Trudeau government for their silence on China’s authoritarian censorship crackdown.

“You won’t hear any loud alarms being rung about this from either the starry-eyed or the sinister China trade enthusiasts in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, or Global Affairs Canada, the Canada China Business Council or the Asia Pacific Foundation, but the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing has made it official,” writes Glavin.

“The Communist Party of China has ordered a shutdown of all unauthorized and unmonitored communication between China’s 1.3 billion people and the outside world. In its formal statements, the Ministry announced that it is closing the last digital breaches in the Great Firewall of China—the outer ring of the regime’s vast snooping, censorship and website-blocking superstructure.”

All Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) in the country have been banned.

As Glavin notes, “Chinese citizens require independent VPNs to access Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Dropbox, Youtube, Tumblr and all the other web applications that allow one-on-one and group discussions with the outside world that the regime has blocked. The technology research firm GlobalWebIndex reckons that one in three Chinese citizens has used VPNs, which redirect Chinese web traffic through offshore servers, allowing users to access outside-world websites undetected.”

And in a sign of how little the globalist elites care about the people, “Foreign firms will still be permitted to use VPN services—but only to communicate with head office.”

So, the government of China is giving global corporations more freedom than their own citizens.


Glavin points out that internet censorship in China is increasing dramatically ahead of the March 31, 2016 deadline to finish the “urgent regulation and governance” (total censorship) of the internet in China. The Chinese state has already been working to block discussion of heroic democracy advocate Liu Xiaobo’s death after years in a communist prison.

Exposing the deception of Trudeau’s propaganda

As Glavin makes clear, the authoritarian actions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (the portion of the Chinese Communist Party carrying out the brutal censorship crackdown) expose the lies of Trudeau’s pro-Communist China propaganda efforts.

Says Glavin, “The ministry is putting the lie to any further claims by Canada’s China trade lobby and its many friends in the Liberal government that “free trade” talks are about bringing Canadians and Chinese people closer together. That is not what is happening here. We are being driven further apart.”

Glavin closes by explaining that China’s actions totally violate Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – guaranteeing freedom of opinion and expression, and sharing info and ideas “through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

“This is not just about the rights of Chinese citizens, to speak freely with one another, without fear, through any media, across frontiers,” writes Glavin. “It is about the rights of Canadians to do the same. It is an inalienable human right that is being trampled upon here, openly and brazenly, and the Liberal government has only one choice in this: to carry on in its disgrace, serving the Chinese slave state as a collaborator and an accomplice, or to stand up for once and fight.”

Funny how Trudeau loves the United Nations when he’s giving our taxpayer money away overseas, but ignores the UN’s core statement on human rights when it comes to China.

Stand up for Canada

Glavin’s article is amazing, and I could not have said it better myself. He exposes the moral bankruptcy of the Trudeau government, with their willingness to set aside everything Canada stands for to gain favour from a brutal and repressive government.

Canadians must stand against the cowardly attitude of submission to China exemplified by Justin Trudeau, and stand against his attempts to sell out our economy, our land, and our values to the Communist state.

Our future, and the soul of our nation, is at stake.

Read Terry Glavin’s full column here

Spencer Fernando


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