LISTEN: Discussing Canada’s Reaction To China’s Increasing Censorship

Earlier today, I appeared on Danielle Smith’s show on News Talk 770 to discuss China’s increasing censorship, and how Canada should react to it.

You can listen to the interview below:

Spencer Fernando

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Re: censorship If Trudeau does end up selling many of Canadian airports to China, Chinese dictatorship and censorship is going to rear it’s ugly Liberal head. The current strike at the Ontario airport would not be tolerated by the Chinese Liberal owners and would be suppressed with the threat of violence. The armed Chinese “security guards” would arrest the strikers,after all, the airports would be considered part of China. Trudeau, of course, would be running around taking selfies with his heroes, the Chinese military guards, as the prisoners are marched past. Trudeau is clearly not high on my favorites list.… Read more »

Louis Joannette

We have good relation with China , good or not they buy what they could not have, In western Cnada we are build a huge facility for baby -milk because China cut the 1 baby per fanilly So they will need a HUGE AMOUNT OF BABAY MILK. tHAN ITUP FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY TO CHEK THEIR NEED.