POLL: United Conservative Party Has Massive Lead In Alberta

Historic conservative coalition in Alberta is reasserting itself

A new poll from Mainstreet Research shows the United Conservative Party with a massive lead over the NDP.

Even without a permanent leader or any official policy, the UCP dominates the political scene.

Here are the Alberta-wide results:

  • UCP 57%
  • NDP 29%
  • Liberal 4%
  • Alberta 9%

In the 2014 election, the combined Wildrose/PC vote was 52%, and the poll results show the historic conservative coalition is reasserting itself.

The results point to a big conservative majority, with the NDP leading only in Edmonton according to the regional breakdown:


  • UCP 50%
  • NDP 32%
  • Liberal 4%
  • Alberta 14%


  • UCP 39%
  • NDP 47%
  • Liberal 6%
  • Alberta 8%

Rest of Alberta

  • UCP 68%
  • NDP 20%
  • Liberal 4%
  • Alberta 8%

The NDP’s ideology problem

When they won the 2014 election, the Alberta NDP had a great opportunity. Knowing that Alberta is a province that strongly values economic freedom and individual freedom, the NDP could have set aside their big-government ideology and done their best to represent the political culture of the province. Instead, they have forced a controlling, centralized, bureaucratic, high-tax ideology on Alberta – the same kind of thinking that got the PC’s in trouble under Alison Redford. It’s polarized much of the province against the NDP, which can be seen in the overwhelming willingness of Wildrose & PC members to join together and push the NDP out of power.

The Mainstreet poll results are good news for everyone in the country who wants to see Alberta regain their economic freedom once again.

View the full Alberta poll here

Spencer Fernando

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